Easter Egg hunting scrapped

So I had the idea of finding easter eggs in the game, and you could fill up your collection. This would encourage you to explore the Tailor Tales world.

But I have decided to scrap the Easter Egg idea and put something much more useful in place of it. Instead of hunting for easter eggs, you will be hunting for Emoticons and Questionnaires. The Emoticon allows you to perform actions on NPCs, such as hugging, kissing, slapping etc. But to be able to do those things, you have to find the corresponding Emoticon card for it. You can find these cards anywhere; hidden in the bushes, behind a waterfall. Or you can get them through interaction of NPCs. For example, you see a husband and a wife kissing each other. You then gain the Kissing Emoticon. Whoohoo!

The Questionnaire is just like the Emoticon, but you can’t perform actions this time, you can only ask  a question. If you want to ask a bachelor when his birthday is, you need to find the birthday card hidden somewhere in the game! I’m planning on having a bunch of questions that you can ask, such as birthday, favourite colour, favourite food and other stuff. I feel it will connect the reader more to the bachelor and make them feel more in control.

Of course, the Emoticon and Questionnaire is only available for the bachelors, not regular NPCs.

Also, in other news, I am writing up a voice actor recruiting post in the VX forums. I have decided I want voices in my game, and anyone with a good mic and voice acting skill is welcome to try out.

2 thoughts on “Easter Egg hunting scrapped

  1. I just want to say that I am very interested in your work. I am excited for the final product and can’t wait to see your efforts pay off.
    Also, I would love to sign up for voice acting, since it’s what I aspire to do as a career! So, if I understand correctly, you’re writing a ‘sign-up sheet’ and will be posting it on the VX Community? I’ll make sure to keep checking the ‘Tailor Tales’ section of the community for it then!

  2. I find replacing emoticons and questionnaires over easter eggs is a great idea. I -might- sign up for the voice acting, but it depends if my mic is good, I don’t often try it!

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