New video and NPCs

I’ve made a new ‘Meet Bachelor #…’ video, showing you Calvin. Calvin needs some love, he’s the least popular guy in Tailor Tales, which is something I want to improve on! So I hope this video will make people like him more.

Then I have some new sketches to show of NPCs:

If anyone noticed, there’s a character named Jack and Claire. They’re tributes to the original Harvest Moon characters. They’ll have nothing more in common though, aside from their name. Jack is a high schooler, and Claire is a middle schooler – she’s got a big crush on him.

Niki is a NPC that would have been one of the female bachelorettes if Tailor Tales ever came out with a boy version. Right now, she’s just an NPC that works at the bakery, and is friends with Calvin and Roy.

Eddie is also a middle schooler, and is Kim/Samatha’s younger brother.

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