Rated T for Teen!

This game is rated

Well a rating had to be done for Tailor Tales anyway, so why not get it out of the way? This game is rated T for Teens as it contains some mild language and sexual themes. Especially sexual themes. I’m not afraid to put sex into my game, as it’s only a natural part of a relationship – hence why you can have sex with your partner in TT. The actual sex scene won’t be shown of course haha, but you can however ask for sex (or be asked) and even warm up your partner through kissing/hugging/petting etc.

So how does one ask for sex?

Simple! Condoms and birthcontrol!

Don’t they just look so cute? Anyways, these are simple items you can obtain in the clinic and you can either prank someone (go ahead, show some NPC’s a condom and watch their reaction), or you can give it to a bachelor and see what he’ll do with it.

On another update, District 2 is now finished (the one with the clinic in it!), here it is:

Click for bigger version.

3 thoughts on “Rated T for Teen!

    • That would be creating sprites and debugging the game.

      I love making graphics, but sprites is tedious work for me. Because once I create the front view of a sprite, I’m all satisfied of finally finishing it. Then I realize I still have 11 more positions to go and sigh heavily.

      Debugging the game is very timeconsuming. You always have to test something over a 100 times (I’m not exaggerating) to see if everything works right. Never EVER will something work right straight away; something always goes wrong or just won’t work period. It’s very tedious work and my least favourite part of making the game.

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