Tailor Tales Beta 2.0

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I was busy trying to revamp the tailoring system in TT. FOr a while I was waiting for a custom script to be made, so I could remake the system, and now I’ve been  recreating it. Because there’s like over 200 clothes to be made (most of them are just different colours), it takes a while for me to set it up as I have to do a bunch of stuff to make just *1* clothing.

Anyways I was hoping for it to be done by today, or at least tomorrow, so people can beta test the tailoring system.

Uhm, no, you’re not invited. The beta testing is exclusively for RPG Maker VX community members as they know what they should be looking for (plus I know them as well). Beta does not mean a playable game, it just means I need people to help me find for bugs, that is all.

Once the tailoring system is done I’ll post a few screenshots how the new system looks like.

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