Revamping maps

I’ve been pondering whether or not to redo some of my map objects or not. I decided that yes, it’s best if I redrew some things. I’ve redrawn the trees, made new streetlights, added a buttload of new flowers and I’m fixing the animation glitch in the river of all the maps which contain the river. I started on district 3. I am also getting rid of those huge shadows the buildings make and replaced them by small, less obstructive shadows.

It went from this:

Click for bigger image.

To this:

Click for bigger image.

I love those new streetlights I made, and they look really good during nighttime. Here’s a screenshot in-game when it’s night:

Click for bigger image

Now I need to start working on redoing all the maps. I’m planning on adding a few more different types of trees, especially in the forest area.

7 thoughts on “Revamping maps

  1. Yes I will be. During spring there will be a lot of flowers in the maps (as well as cherry blossoms). During summer the flowers will be gone (but the beach will have parasols). During fall the tree’s leaves will turn an orange hue. During winter everything will be covered in snow and the tree won’t have any leaves :)

    But I haven’t gotten that far yet; I still have to complete all the spring maps before continuing the other seasons.

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