Recruiting Music Composer

I am recruiting a music composer who is willing to work on Tailor Tales for free (or for Gaia Gold … don’t ask). Here are some of the requirements I am looking for:

What the songs will be used for:
The songs will be used as background music in the game Tailor Tales. Tailor Tales is a non-commercial game, and thus I won’t be making money off of your songs. You will still attain the rights to your song, but you will only allow Tailor Tales to use the songs you created for it.

Music style I’m looking for:
First I want to make it clear that Tailor Tales draws huge inspiration from the Harvest Moon games, and thus I want you to listen to some of the Harvest Moon songs. Please click these links for YouTube videos of some Harvest Moon songs:

Spring music
Mineral Town
Summer music
Theme song

Now that you know what Harvest Moon sounds like, I can tell you what kind of style I want to use in Tailor Tales.

The music has to sound a lot like the Harvest Moon songs, as Tailor Tales is based off of Harvest Moon. The songs have to be catchy. What do I mean by catchy? The song is uniquely composed of a melody that anyone will randomly hum along with. Old 8-bit songs used to be a master of the ‘catchy’ songs, as they only had like 2 layers they could use for music, and thus came up with melodies that really get stuck in your head – because they’re so simple!

Please listen to these songs for some catchy 8-bit songs:

Cerulean City
Kirby Green Greens

This might sound like a strange request; but I would want every song you make, to start out as an 8-bit format. This will force you to make something catchy and happy as you are very limited. Once I give you the green go to continue this song, you can turn it into a .mp3 with real instruments. Of course, it still has to sound like the 8-bit version, only upgraded.

Some instruments that I definitely do NOT want in the music: any form of an electric guitar, organ pipes, grand piano or anything that will sound metal, emo, gothic etc. Remember, Tailor Tales is a happy game.

How many songs I want:
This is difficult to say as I’m still making Tailor Tales and could ask for more music than I previously thought. However, here are the definite songs that I would want:

– Theme song
– House song
– Spring song
– Summer song
– Fall song
– Winter song
– Heart Event song
– Festival song

Tailor Tales runs on time, and thus there are 4 seasons in the game. Each season will have its own background music when you walk outside. Each house you enter will have a ‘house song’. Whether or not I will keep this the same for every house is still unclear to me. Then there’s a festival song, used during special events such as a market or a carnival. Then there’s the important ‘heart event’ song. This will play during cutscenes with the bachelors you’re supposed to woo, and should be very calm-like and romantic.

Then there’s the theme-song of course, which will play during the title-screen and at the end credits (although I would want a different, more slow version of the theme-song at the end credits).

Anyways, these songs are set in stone. I will probably end up asking for more, thus you should be prepared to be my composer until I tell you Tailor Tales has enough songs. It probably won’t be that many more though

Music formats:
The 8-bit version can be saved in whichever format you want. The end result, with the instruments and stuff, has to be saved in either .mp3 or .ogg format. Preferably .ogg as it takes less space than a .mp3

Once I hired you as my composer, I will send you PM’s detailing how I want the song to sound like (I will also send YouTube videos of songs I want it to sound like). You will then create an 8-bit version based on my description and send it to me. I will listen to it and will provide you feedback on what is good, and what can be changed. Once I am satisfied with the 8-bit version, you will create the .mp3 with instruments. Of course, I will tell you which instruments I prefer, but I’ll leave creative freedom mostly to you. Again, you will send me the mp3 version and I will give you feedback on what to change. Once I’m satisfied with the end result, I will pay you for the song.

Apply as a composer:
So, you think you can create happy music for Tailor Tales? Then please use this form to apply in this thread.

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