Tailor Tales Comics

Because I wanted to get to know my own characters more, I decided to make a few comics involving the characters in Tailor Tales. Their personalities are taken to the extreme, so I guess you could view these as parodies as well. Enjoy them!

Comic 1 – Roy wants to go to the Hot Springs
Comic 2 – Lily wants to see Oliver without his glasses
Comic 3 – Carol is giving medicine to her kids
Comic 4 – Jim lost weight
Comic 5 – James lawn is the whole forest
Comic 6 – Fluffy woodles
Comic 7 – Facial cream
Comic 8 – The popularity poll
Comic 9 – The fox will get his revenge

I might make more, who knows.

On a small sidenote, I am no longer looking for a composer as that position has been filled.

2 thoughts on “Tailor Tales Comics

  1. Hahaha! So funny! I really laughed at “Carol is giving medicine to her kids” comics. That is really so funny!

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