Tab system during NPC interaction

So I have this Emoticon and Questionnaire feature. Both of these open up a menu of choices. For the Emoticon, you can choose to hug, kiss – whatever to the bachelor. During the Questionnaire, you can choose to ask, or tell the bachelor something. Originally, I had these features activated by the press of a button in-game. Then, while it’s activated, you go to the bachelor and talk to him. This would bring up the menus.

Well, it just seemed kind of weird to me. I mean, you first have to activate it, then talk to the bachelor? It didn’t quite fit in with anything and felt out of place. So I started thinking of a system where if you talk to a NPC, you were given options such as talking, the emoticon and questionnaire, giving gifts, or open shop. This would all be bundled together when you’d talk to the NPC. I came up with a tab system, tabs would be displayed above the textbox on what you wanted to do. The default option is of course talking, in case you just feel like talking to them for a few seconds, then walk away. I requested a script to be made, and Sky00Valentine made the tab system work. So here is how it looks like right now if you were going to talk to a NPC:

Click for bigger image

Tada! I made it look much cleaner. All you have to do is press the right or left button to shuffle through the tabs and do what you want to do. You can always cancel out by pressing the B button. Only bachelors will show the Emoticon (heart icon) and Questionnaire (book icon) tab. Regular NPCs will have the talk tab, and the gift tab. In a shop, they’ll have the talk tab and the shop tab.

I’m pretty satisfied with the tab system, it looks much nicer now.

4 thoughts on “Tab system during NPC interaction

  1. It looks really good. I like how you added icons. And love the idea that you can do more than talk to the bachelor.

    • I know, right? I always wanted to play a game where I could do more stuff with my fictional partner, instead of just hearing him say the same two lines every day, over and over again …

      • Oh totally. I am a huge harvest moon lover but I hate how all you can do is gift them a gift and they say about 2 different things and they really only say about 3 lines. It gets boring that way.

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