New characters

I’ve been looking at my character list, and been making some changes to it. For one, it has always bothered me that I can not find a design for the headmaster/principle of the school. Even his name, Leo, I didn’t really like. So my solution? Throw him out the list, and replace it with another (female) character. I have yet to sketch her, but at least I can see her design in my head.

Next, a new character! He will be kind of brute looking and will run James’ carpentry together! In fact, James will be his employee, so it won’t be James’ carpentry anymore. I’m deciding whether or not to name this guy Bob, since I like to use simple names, but that position was already filled by Bill, so I’m not sure.

Last, but not least, a new main character. Yes, you heard me right. You are now able to choose which character you want to play as. This means double the work for me, but choices are always better than nothing! So let me introduce you to Abigail:

Mind you, it’s still just a sketch, and changes can still occur. So you’ll be able to choose between Joselina, or Abigail. I don’t know why I’m choosing such long names for my main character, haha. The main difference between the two is obviously their looks, as well as their starter outfit are different, and depending on which one you choose, you’ll get a boost in relationship points with the bachelors. I won’t say which character will boost which bachelor though! That’s something I prefer to describe in a spoiler-filled walkthrough.

2 thoughts on “New characters

  1. did you sketch those characters using mouse?
    i was trying to sketch my drawings by using my mouse but it just messed up …

  2. When you said you where going to make a brute guy made me think Bob. Definitely good ideas. Love the idea of another main character alot of games don’t give you that option and it is important.

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