8 thoughts on “Joselina and Abigail

  1. They’re both really pretty, but Abigail’s eyes are so gorgeous, so I’d probably play as her. :) But, I wish she didn’t look so similar to the other blond, short-haired girl (idk what her name is)

  2. I think everyone can relate to the first-character thing. That’s why Joselina’s my fave, since she was first ^.^ but it’s awesome to see another protagonist! Both of them fit the country scene.

  3. By ‘both’ do you mean you get to switch characters between Joselina and Abigail, or pick at the beginning of the game which one you want to play?

  4. I really love Joselina myself! I don’t know why nobody else really likes her! But that could be because I like old fashion looking clothing!

  5. I really prefer Abigail. Joselina seemed older than she looks… sorry to say but she didn’t really match with the bachelor. I think Abigail looks greater and younger-looking than Joselina.

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