Bye-bye beach

One of the real setbacks I have for completing all my major maps, is the beach. The beach, in all its animated glory, has an animation flaw, a flaw that I can’t seem to get quite right. The water doesn’t flow as good as I would like, and I just end up not working on the map.

Then I started thinking; do I really need a beach? Sure I’m keeping it in tune with Harvest Moon’s maps, which always has a beach – but do I really need a beach? I was planning on adding events in there, but I can just as easily do that in another map. Nothing I have planned would be specifically tied to the beach, so I decided to scrap the beach, and replace it with a forest/mountain map. At least that doesn’t include difficult water animation!

So Tailor Tales will have 1 less map now, but no worries, you won’t miss a thing.

In other news, Abigail, the new main character, seems to have gotten quite popular, it must be the blond hair and blue eyes combination haha. Personally, I am biased towards Joselina, she was my first character after all, just like I’m biased towards Bill, as he was my first bachelor. I’ll have to eventually make a spriteset for Abigail, but seeing as how much I hate spriting character sets, that will take a while.

Also, check out the new cast picture.

Right, the character at the bottom right corner, will be called Butch! He’ll be James’s boss. Butch is such a perfect name for him.

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