Three minor updates

There’s been slow progress on spritework, but here’s a small update anyway:

Walking sprite of Bonnie (courtesy of i L E A F E Y):

Front sprite of Nadya (courtesy of AngelNDV):

And Joselina without her hat!

6 thoughts on “Three minor updates

  1. Even us, Boys Like to play that game; Even though we are boys… LOL, So… I can’t wait to play this!
    Bonnie Looks Cool, Nadya Looks “S-E-X-Y” In her dress…
    And Joselina Looks like more Mature! (More Comfortable to see) And i think I’ll or We’ll Choose Abigail as our Player. So Laura/Celianna/Pinkfirefly or so whatever XD
    How’s you and matt?
    P.S: I and my friends have talked about this site and i we already Agreed that we will donate like $30.00 Each but we are still talking about when will the donation Start…

    Till next Generation! (err, i mean Next time… XD)
    See ya! :D

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