A whole new look? Why of course.

I have always liked the look of the Harvest Moon handheld games (by that I mean the sprited ones), and Tailor Tales was based on this look. It was pure pixel-art with a really heavy dose of Harvest Moon influence.

I must have been mad when I made that decision. You see, I really don’t like making pixel-art. It takes forever, and I lose the motivation to finish anything. Knowing how much I had to finish spriting for Tailor Tales made me lose my motivation of continuing it.

Meanwhile, I’ve created tons of resources for other game makers that is not a pixel-art style, but more painterly. Creating resources in this style is fast, quick, and it still looks good. I’ve since created almost everything you need to make your own game, and I realized, I could simply swap Tailor Tales with this style and start anew. Maybe then I can finally continue my work on it.

This means, Tailor Tales will no longer be the cute pixel-art style that you’re used to. But it will look something along the lines of this:

Please note that is not a map for Tailor Tales, it’s just a sample map to show off some of my latest resources.

And as much as I like the pixel-art look as well, Tailor Tales will never get finished if I would continue to stay with this style, so I will start anew and replace everything (this includes portraits) with this style. At least then I can make some progress.

13 thoughts on “A whole new look? Why of course.

  1. I love it!I’m so glad tailor tales is back, too(: I love your work, and i love tailor tales. i cant wait!

  2. I understand why you would choose not to continue with doing pixel art for Tailor Tales, but seeing that you already got so far with it, and have sprites, images, objects, etc already made for the project, it would be a shame to stop now plus it would be be such an achievement for yourself to pull it off and much more satisfying I think, because when you put more work into something, it always turns out better in the end. And maybe for your next project (if you do… not saying you have too) you can stick with what you usually do.
    But if you’re really set on changing it, I will
    support that decision, just thought I would voice my opinion.

    • The problem is, I don’t want to touch pixel-art ever again, even with a ten-foot pole. This caused all production to stop on Tailor Tales, and that is far worse than switching styles and continuing.

      Since I’ve decided to switch styles, this is what I’ve created so far. Which is far, far more than I could have ever done if I remained with the pixel-art style.

      The good thing is, I am slowly working on it. Which is better than nothing, right?

  3. I’m so happy you updated, I was so worry that you loss interest in your game, in a way you kind of did hehe. Anyways I love the new style it looks more 3-d then before. Sorry about all the work you have to do now ( do you have to redo all the characters if so I can’t wait to see what they will look like in the game), but anyways thanks for putting the time and effort into your game.

    • Yeah I did lose interest, mainly because I dreaded having to sprite everyone and ugh, pixel-art is a pain in the ass haha.

      But, I’m back with a new style!

    • Actually, I’m working on some new tiles which I do intend to use in Tailor Tales. It’s for the interior of the houses, which means all the furniture, the floors, walls and even rugs. You can see what I have to far here: clickie.

      It’s a bit chaotic, but that’s how I work haha.

      • Oh they look great. I especially love the tv in the cabinet like that and the refrigerators soo cute.

        You did great with the colors. The furniture has a comfortable feel to it even though there are some modern pieces. Good job :D

      • This has me curious. Do you plan on using the chibi spritesets? Or are you going to make your own again?

        • Glad to know that it still has a charm to it, despite being more modern. I wanted it to be cute, but still modern, so there’s gonna be a lot of wood used to retain its charm.

          As for the sprites, I am not using RPG Maker VX’s default sprites, those are awful. I plan on making my own again (sigh, pixelart, I’ll never get it done haha). I made a character (not related to Tailor Tales), on someone else’s base, and I intend to use it for Tailor Tales as well. Here’s the example.

      • Oh yeah the highly anticipated Dragonboy. I really liked Slimey so definitely can’t wait for that either. You do such great work. (pixel art is my kryptonite X( )

        And I definitely do not blame you. Glad to see you won’t be using the vx sprites.

  4. I understand completely pixel art takes soo long though it looks good….it is definitely killer on a person.

    But I was wondering since you are no longer going to make it are you going to share the resources you made for it?

    • Considering I made everything directly onto the map, it’s not organized at all and would take me hours to get everything out of the maps and neatly lined up so that other people can use it.

      Maybe one day when I feel like it.

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