Cutting some NPCs

Since I’m starting anew, I decided to get rid of some NPCs. It’ll make my life much easier when eventing their dialogues as well as their schedule, and I’ll have to sprite less characters.

It was mostly the kids though, I’ve decided to scrap the school, regardless of how much I liked it myself, it was kind of useless. So here’s the updated NPC list:

1. Joselina
2. Abigail
3. Bill
4. Calvin
5. James
6. Roy
7. Fox
8. Buck
9. Helga
10. Jim
11. Vivian
12. Samantha
13. Eddie
14. Niki
15. Lily
16. Oliver
17. Aaron
18. Ilona
19. Nadya

That makes 18 in total (Joselina and Abigail count as 1). There are now only 2 kids in the village, compared to the 9 teenagers/kids I had planned. And let’s welcome a new addiction to the cast; Buck. He owns the carpentry, and James is now his employee.

And an update on my tileset. I’ve created a lot of resources in the past, but it was mostly medieval stuff, so I’m creating some more modern stuff at the moment (though I’m trying to keep the Harvest Moon charm, so I guess it would look kind of like Island of Happiness), and it’s going well. Here’s a picture of what I’ve done so far, expect most of it to be returning in people’s homes.

Click image for bigger version.

That’s basically the general stuff you’ll find. I still have to make specific stuff, such as for the carpentry, or the tailoring shop itself. In due time! I’ll be working on some wallpaper next. Anyone got any ideas for cute wallpaper? And I don’t mean like clouds or ducks, but more pattern like.

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