First new map and spriteset

Since I’ve decided to switch styles, I started working on general resources etc. Since I made some cute carpentry tools as well, I couldn’t resist but make James’s (or should I say Buck’s?) Carpentry!

Click for bigger image.

Yup, that’s the first map made in this new style.

I’ve also decided on which spriteset to use, which will be a modified sprite of Emmych’s original spritebase. Here’s a comparison:

They are much, MUCH taller than the previous spritebase I used (this is to compensate for the larger tiles as well), and larger than Emmych’s original base as well (I’m gonna use hers for the kids, works, right?). While this means I’ll have to sprite everyone again, the good thing is I only have 19 characters to make this time, not over 30.

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