Forest map completed (for real)

I’m on a roll, the forest (well, not really a forest anymore) is completed. It now includes a small lake instead of a hotsprings, as well as a cave entrance. This is as much ‘forest’ as you’ll find, and that’s fine with me, since now I’m planning on adding a beach.

Click for bigger image

Erm, ignore the small error at the top of the waterfall, there’s supposed to be rock behind it, but I forgot to add it.

Anyways, there are 6 main maps in the game. Which are:

District 1
District 2 (includes town square)
District 3 (this is where you live)
District 4 (town center)

Then of course, there’s tons of sub-maps (insides of houses etc), but I think the sheer size of it is manageable, not as big as I planned before, but still good enough.

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