James redone + mock-up

So I was wondering what kind of style I should pick for the large portraits. I don’t want to spend hours to get it done just like before, so I wanted something quick and easy. Well, it’s not all that faster, but it feels like it. I only use flat colours with some shading here and there, and it’s surrounded by a brown outline. I also went with a more masculine version than the cutesy art from before (if I hear my guys are still ugly even after the style change … *shakes fist!*). I think it went well.

Anyways, here’s James’s portrait, as well as a mock-up of how it would look like. Somewhat. I’ll probably change the font.

Click for bigger image.

All bachelors are already sketched out, I just need to ink them and colour them. Considering James took me two hours to ink and colour, it shouldn’t take too long for all of them to be done.

Edit: Finished up Bill as well. He’s portrayed a little bit more awkward now, I think it’s kinda cute.

9 thoughts on “James redone + mock-up

  1. THE GUYS LOOK AMAZING NOW! I wasn’t a big fan of the style before. (They still looked cute though. ^^ ) But the more ‘animeish’ style looks epic. XD <3 Good luck with the rest!

  2. Its great! It kind of reminds of naruto, but only a little. I really like it, its simple, yet you can see how their body shape and their personalities are supposed to be. I love it!

  3. I Love how the guys look, can’t wait to see what Roy looks like, he is my favorite. You can really see James and bill’s personality in their portrayed. Which is really cool. I also like how you can see the different body types. To me James looks like he has more muscles then Bill. Don’t know if that is what you where trying to go for but I like it.

    • Yeah, in fact I did! James has more muscle than all the others because he spends almost every day lifting heavy wood around. Bill, even though he’s a farmer, has a bit of that scrawny body type.

      As for Roy, keep your eye out, I’ll be finished with him in an hour or so ^_^

  4. I love them! <3 I'm so excited; I can't wait to see the others.

    But I have a question, with the sprites getting redone that means Fox's unknown human pixel sprite too right? Is there a way we'll ever get to see what the Before and After of his human sprite was too? I can't help but be curious.

    • His human portrait was never done in the first place. I’m kind of a procrastinator on things that will be far in the future.

      I do have a sketch though.

      I guess I’ll show it sometime after I at least release a demo of the game.

  5. Wow! I loved you’re other style but this is amazing!
    Both Bill and James look awesome, and I love the map design and chat window.

  6. Love it. And he is cute. More of an anime feel. I like it though. And the new window is nice as well.

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