Abigail, Joselina and the fox

Aaaand, they’re both finished! Here are Abigail and Joselina.

I’m also live-streaming again while mapping district 1, so come join me and watch! ^_^

Edit: livestream is over! Thanks for watching guys! Here’s District 1 that was completed:

Click for bigger image.

Edit 2: finished up the fox’s portrait as well (his design didn’t change), so here it is:

5 thoughts on “Abigail, Joselina and the fox

  1. He is still cute ^^. I love his quote.

    Off topic. I am deadlydeviant on rmvx and I have almost all of the scripts from Shanghai’s site. So if you need anymore just let me know.

    I have a slight script addiction. But I can’t wait to see more portraits they look great.

  2. That was fun watching you Celianna! (I was LittleYellowPikmin)
    I’m excited to watch you create something else! Are you thinking of doing live-stream for making other things than just maps? Like character portraits?

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