Beach map

I just finished the beach, which means all major maps are now completed (well, in the sense I made an image out of the map, I still need to properly implant them into the game). The two waves at the bottom will slowly move up and fade out, then repeat the process.

Click for bigger image

So next up is to add all the maps to the game, which will take a little while.

7 thoughts on “Beach map

  1. Celianna can you please show us how you made that beautifull beach? i love the waves and the way they are connected to the beach , way better then the basic blocky RTP style ^^
    I love all of your work you’re a great mapper ;p
    could you share the waves ? pretty please O^O

  2. The beach looks wonderful! I love the little shells and starfish that’s by the ocean and the trees they’re so cute. Are you going to put the little crabs that u made on your first beach in this one.

  3. Question: There seems to be an opening on the bottom-right side, can you actually go over there, and if so where does it lead?

    The beach looks AMAZING by the way! :D

    • I was planning on adding a pier over there, but I realized that wouldn’t work with the animated waves, so I got rid of it, but the ‘open space’ is still there. It doesn’t lead to another map.

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