The mysterious cave

In Tailor Tales, you have access to a cave, which also leads to a mine (yup, we have a mine!). The area is just used to hold the ‘moon stone’ a stone that lights up when moonlight hits it. It’ll be important later on in the story, but for now it’s just a useless rock. Anyways, the second floor of the cave is the mine, you can dig up random stuff over there and earn lots of money selling them, or just simply giving them as gifts.

For now, here’s the first floor of the cave:

Click for bigger image

I’ll probably update later today once I finish up the mine.

Edit: and I finished the mine as well, here’s the map:

Click for bigger image

That’s 21 dig-able tiles, I hope it won’t lag in-game…

5 thoughts on “The mysterious cave

  1. I had done a little grid of diggable tiles like that in my project for a similar purpose, and it didn’t seem to lag at all. I think you’ll be fine. :)

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