Tailoring shop

In the beginning you start out small, so you’ll only have a bed in your house as well as the necessary tailoring needs (Except for a sewing machine, which you have to purchase yourself). You can expand your house one time, to add a second floor. You can also remodel your house a bunch of time, different walls, floors and even carpets.

Here’s what it’ll look like in the beginning:

Click for bigger image

But with different walls, flooring and carpet it can look like this:

Click for bigger image

All in all, there are 6 different walls to choose from, 6 different floors, and 3 different carpets. You can mix and match them, so it’s not just a 1-theme only remodeling.

Hopefully I can actually pull that off @_@

Edit: woot, I got the system to work! I have so much to thank IceDragon for creating that variable image script. Anyways, here’s a quick demo:

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