New time system

I have literally re-done everything of Tailor Tales, which also means the time system.

I have now completed the time system (it runs fine and everything), and I got the screen tints to change during a certain time as well. The HUDs (calender and stamina/energy bar) are also 100% complete. The only thing I haven’t done yet is make the lights turn on in every district when it’s night, I only have District 3 done. Here’s what it looks like in-game:

Click for bigger image

I’m also working on remaking the tailoring system. Spinning yarn and making cloth is 100% done, I just need to make the actual sewing part and the dye station. I’ve ditched the exp you gain in tailoring, and now you don’t get any. You just don’t start out with a sewing machine (that means you got to earn money first making yarn and cloth and then buy it), and when you do get it, you have to buy clothing patterns first before you can make the clothing. A scarf pattern will be the cheapest, while a dress pattern will be the most expensive.


On another note, Ying, has finished all my icons. I’ve edited them and added all the different colours, so here’s Tailor Tales’s new iconset:

Aren’t the new clothing really cute!? You can only wear the dresses in Tailor Tales, none of the other clothing (I think I’ll go mad if that was possible).


I have also finished James’s dialogue during Spring. Here are a few exerpts:

Black heart Stranger
“Today’s my day off. Don’t bother me.”

Blue heart Acquaintances
“You should consider remodeling your house.”
“No offense, but that place is about to fall apart.”
“I am in no way manipulating you to get more business.”

Green heart Friends
“You here to eat something?”
“Don’t look at me like that, I’m not treating you to anything!”

Yellow heart Crush/Best friends
“Living with another guy can be rather annoying sometimes.”
“I don’t even want to imagine all the trouble I’d go through if I lived with you.”

Red heart Love/Best friends
“You know, sometimes I wonder. Do you really like talking to me?”
“Or are you just hoping for some free remodeling?”
“I might do something bad if it’s the latter.”

So to sum this update up:

– Finished the HUDs
– Finished the time system
– Finished the clothing icons
– Finished James’s spring dialogue
– Working on tailoring system
– Working on streetlights
– Working on Bachelors dialogue

4 thoughts on “New time system

  1. Awesome job on HUDs and god you productive. Your work is so fantastic I love it <3~ keep it up girl I'm rootin for ya.

  2. Wow! You are on fire girl! It’s looking excellent so far, and I love Jame’s dialogue. It made me giggle a few times.
    Keep up the good work!

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