Time system complete

Alright, I managed to finish the time system! All the maps will now be tinted according to the time, and the lights will turn on when it hits 8 PM. There’s even a sunset going on at the beach.

Here’s an image that shows the different tints during different time periods:

Nighttime in Wyde Forest:

Sunset at the beach:

The only system left to do that ties in with the time system, is the weather system. Which I’ll work on sometime, I’ve got a pretty good idea how to make rain, but snow is still going to be problematic. I might just leave the snow out until I actually work on winter, who knows. In the meantime, I’ll try to finish the tailoring system, which takes a bit more work because there’s so many options to make @_@ so don’t expect an update until I do!

Either way, it’s progress! No, I have no clue when a demo will be out (I am SO not aiming for completion, I’m aiming for a playable Spring demo), so please don’t ask. I update frequently to let you know of my progress, so as far as I know, you know as much as me about when a demo will be out. Meaning nothing haha.

8 thoughts on “Time system complete

  1. Everything looks GREAT!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to play!!!!!!
    Two requests though…
    1.music: you were probably going to do that, but i think it needs some.
    2.Something in the town square: it’s a little bland. it doesn’t need much, just a fountain or something.
    ALL IN ALL GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Kai is a hawiian word meaning sea. Coincidence?

    • Yes music will be added, but it’s the last thing I’ll do, since I want it to be custom and it’s very hard finding a composer willing to do this.

      As for the town’s square being empty, there’s a reason for that. Mainly because festivals and weekly markets will be held there, so it has to be empty.

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