Tailoring system complete

After 10 days of a bit of procrastinating (I fully admit to not wanting to do this at all), I have finished the tailoring system. It was a very tedious process since about 90% of it is evented (the other 10% is using two scripts that help my evented system). I think I died somewhere along the way making the dye station (you can colour all basic clothing in 6 colours. Do you know how many basic clothing pieces you can make? 20. That’s 120 conditional branches I had to make .. urgh).

So here’s a few screenshots of how it looks like:

This is the main menu for the sewing machine. The sewing machine is not available straight at the start of the game (I have to make it a bit challenging for the player), and when you do get it, you can only make a scarf. You’ll have to buy clothing patterns to be able to sew other types of clothing which again, is done to make sure the player doesn’t get to do everything straight away.

(I’d like to point out the Misc. category doesn’t exist yet, and is only there for future additions I want to add).

This is the horrifying dyestation menu. Before it opens up, you can select a piece of clothing to be dyed, and then you simply choose the colour (provided you have the dye in your inventory).

Because I know there isn’t really a point in making all the different colours, NPCs will now have their own favourite colour, and if you gift a piece of clothing in their favourite colour, they’ll like you more. And not only that, when you create ALL the clothing (excluding clothing in the Misc. category such as a ballgown, a wedding dress, the magical tuxedo etc), you’ll get a Powerheart, which is an item that gives you more stamina so you can perform more things during the day. Considering you can only find 4 Powerhearts in the game, you’ll definitely want it.

In other news, I have also finished the mining system (which was 935890385923434x more fun than making the tailoring system), though I’ll probably end up tweaking the chances of getting rare items, since 1% seems to pop up fairly often anyway. You can find some clay stuff in the mine, as well as more valuable coins which sell for a lot, or even more rarer – an emerald or ruby. You can also find one of the Powerhearts in here, which is as rare as the emerald or ruby (I’m contemplating making it the rarest item though). Here’s a screenshot:

The player simply presses the action button when on a square and they’ll dig up an item or not. The item will show above the player’s head when you do find something.

I’ll probably upload a video of these systems in action sooner or later. Until then, phew, let me take a break from eventing!

3 thoughts on “Tailoring system complete

  1. wow looks awesome! i was like : O.O I…WANT….TO….PLAY…THIS GAME! haha lol is there going to be a demo?

  2. I do not envy you! I lose my mind after so many conditional branches! XD Looks gorgeous, though, and I love the mining system.

    Also, what font do you use? Or is that the default? It might just look different to me with the black text on light background.

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