It’s raining!

Slowly started to work on the weather system. There’s four different weather types. 1 is normal, 2 is rain, 3 is snow and 4 is storm. I’ve got the rain portion down, here’s a screenshot of it (though it doesn’t do it justice when it’s still):

Since I don’t need to do snow just yet (I’m aiming for a Spring demo and snow doesn’t occur during Spring), I’ll just be making the storm weather effects, and then move onto something else.

5 thoughts on “It’s raining!

  1. Things seem to be going by quickly. GOOD JOB!!!Will u have music???? plz it would be nice!!! OOh yeah and EVENTS!!! like not many but a couple cuz that’s one of my fav parts about mfomt THX!!!!!

    • There will definitely be music! Except I haven’t found a composer for me yet, so it’s like the last thing to do on my check list.

      As for events, I’m guessing you mean heart events, and that’s a yes. There will be 5 heart events for all bachelors, as well as festival events.

    • I haven’t exactly figured out what a storm will do, but it will definitely impact the gameplay a bit (maybe even used as a condition for a heart event, who knows).

  2. Will you be able to leave your house during a storm? And will the storm have any negative affects on anything?

    I’m excited for the Demo :) It will be amazing!

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