Weather system completed

I went back on my word, and actually completed the weather system O_o including snow!

So here’s a video showcasing it (though it doesn’t do it justice as in-game it’s all very smooth).

Two screenshots of a storm and the snow:

Haven’t yet decided what a storm will do, since I want it to impact the gameplay in some way. I’ll probably make it a condition for a heart event, as well as have all NPCs stay in their homes.

While I completed this, I realized technically, you would be able to play the game forever the way I have it set up right now. You just won’t get anymore special events, and there will probably be some bugs, but other than that, you could technically keep playing. Except for when you marry the fox.

6 thoughts on “Weather system completed

  1. You can become sick by walking in the storm or in the rain a lot, you can lose some points in the next day’s stamina or energy and show a message telling you catched a cold.
    This leads you to buy some medicine and then you can imagine tons of new features. Great work.

  2. Umm i was wondering.. when you sell chothes.. do ppl walk inna buy them? Cuz i havea idea if tht is how u sell clothes. In raain its kinda unlikey to sell clothes and in storm its even worse. Very unlikey. that was my idea lol anyways you dont have to do it if you dont want to or its too much work. this is just my idea ^w^ Love the game sofar, But ill love it even more! when its dune :P

  3. Very nice work and I was Wondering if you still play to keep the little intimate portion of the game. I kno it’s a weird question just I remember it from a while ago and was curious if you were keeping that more teen feature.

  4. Woah!!! this came when I was typing a comment!!!! holy crap!!! btw look at the other comment its in ur last update thx!

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