Bill’s house & discussion about sex

And Bill’s house is done! It was fun working on his house, especially the pottery area. So many goddamn pots are in that room. Did I mention Bill likes pottery? No?

Well, I’m pretty sure one of his heart events is making pots with him, ala “Ghost” style (I don’t think many of this generation will remember that movie).

Sex in Tailor Tales

So I have some serious discussion with you guys. I have always wanted to add the option to have sex with your bachelors in the game (this would make it in fact, an M rated game, not a T rated game, silly me, mention the word ‘sex’ once and you get bumped to M), and have decided if I ever came that far, I would release two versions of Tailor Tales.

One version would include the option to have sex, as well as have some mild language here and there. Great for those who are more mature.

The other version is the kiddy version, and does not contain the option to have sex, as well as no curse words in it at all. Great for kids, or your little sister.

So, since I’m breaking it up into two versions anyway (if you find sex icky, you can just play the censored version), just how far can I take this sex thing? I will obviously not put any graphics depicting ‘sex’ in the game, but I have no problem getting very graphic with words!

At first, you were just granted the option to have sex with your bachelor after marriage. You’d have to get him a bit in the mood first by simple kissing or hugging, and then you could straight out ask for sex, and poof, scene fades out and several hours later it fades back in. It’s rather simple, and I kept thinking; this could get boring really fast.

To make marriage life more interesting, I had an idea about a small mini-game involving sex. Basically, every day your husband will wake up with randomized stats that will sort of affect how he behaves, and what he would like from you. For example, the husband could wake up and respond very positively to kissing that day, or maybe he’d like a hug on another day. Maybe he’d even like it if you take him right then and there – who knows. So with these randomized stats, it’s your job to kind of figure out what he’s in the mood for, and then keep stimulating him until he’s obviously ready to have sex with you.

Then the mini-game continues during ‘sex’, and this is where I wonder how far I can go without crossing some sort of line. What I had in mind is that based on these randomized stats, you’ll be giving a few options after each action the husband does (yes, he also does stuff to you). For example, you could choose between ‘Kiss his lips.’ ‘Kiss his neck.’ or ‘Rub his chest’, that sort of thing. Depending on his stats for the day, he’ll either love what you chose, or get turned off by it (which by then, you end up ruining the mood and losing some relationship points with him). Keep picking out the right choices (you’ll get hints), and you’ll eventually lead to intercourse, and that’s where the screen finally fades out, and you have effectively ‘won’ the mini-game.

But how far can I take a mini-game like this? I’d imagine not a lot of people would have a problem with the option to ‘kiss his lips’, but ‘grind your hips in his crotch’ or ‘rub his penis’ is a whole ‘nother thing.

I’m not trying to turn it into a sex game, I’m just trying to keep things interesting after marriage. Because when I play Harvest Moon, and finally marry the bachelor of my choice, I turn the game off and never play again, because it’s just that boring, nothing ever happens anymore after marriage. By unlocking the option to have sex after marriage, I hope I’ll keep the players interested for another year until the game ends.

What are your thoughts?

20 thoughts on “Bill’s house & discussion about sex

  1. Two versions is a really good idea,as for me I loved harvestmoon as like you did 4 the bachelors and as soon as I got married had my kid I never played it again,Harvestmoon only recently made “some” kind of affection in the game as in animal parade where you get to kiss”only in like 2 fregin events” and I awalys wanted…more as I would say it.So i think its a VERY VERY good idea*just dont go ova board with the mini-game K?We still have teens playing it who arnt fully aware of the experince goes XD*

  2. Wow, you sure did say ‘sex’ alot.xD I think this would be a fun idea, especially how your saying it. (pfft~ I so sorry) When you get married, there is nothing that you can do anymore, I like this idea since it entertain the players. Although, the minigame does sound found, but like other people has said, people can get bored really easily, so it’s likely that you have a button to skip the minigame.

  3. I think having two versions is a good idea. Although, I’m a little disappointed in the idea of sex.

    For the kid-version sex does not exist, but for the adult-version sex does? Many kids play The Sims, and sex exists in it. Although it’s called ‘woo hoo,’ it’s still sex.

    So what I think you should do is put sex in the kid version too. Keep things interesting. However, don’t put the sex mini-game and mild language in it.

    Okay. The sex mini-game I think is a bad idea. Yes, people may get bored of just fade-to-black sex, but they may also get bored — and even annoyed — by the mini-game popping up everyday. I know I will.

    So, if you still want to mini-game in it, at least put an option ‘sex mini-game on/off.’ That way, once people get bored of that game popping up every time, they can simply turn it off.

    So once the sex mini-game is off, sex will just be fade-to-black. Which I think it the only ‘kind’ of sex the kid-version should have. Remember — kids get bored too. And you should please your whole audience — kids and adults.

    So please, I would really, really like it that you can add a ‘sex mini-game on/off’ button to options. I would like to try that mini-game once or twice, but afterwards, turn it off.

    Thank you.

  4. Can you make it so I could tailor blindfolds for the sex scenes? That might add even more realism. Roy seems like he would be kinky to me.

  5. I like the idea of two versions of Talior Tales, but I think I see what your talking about.

    How far do you want to go for the sex min game…?

    Perhaps there are two different ‘Levels’ for this mini game in the censored version…Depending on how far the player wants to push the line.

    one level gives you something simple like ‘kiss his lips’.

    second level gives you the option of ‘ grind your hips in his crotch’.

    Anyways thats just my thoughts…

  6. wow sex. ummm… dont know what to say… well i think it’s a great option! are u going to give birth as well? i dont rly like the mini game though… maby instead of two versions, you can have a menue option with disable/enable sex, disable/enable swear words, and disable/enable sex mini game. cuz i would like the sex and swearing without the minigame. THX good job!

  7. Two versions does sound like a good idea, but maybe you can make the minigames skippable for those who don’t want to play them every time.

    There was a game I played that had a massage mini game where there was this grid and you’d have to try and guess which squares were the right ones. Maybe that’s an idea for a minigame that doesn’t require any awkward phrasing, should that come up.

  8. I actually enjoy the thought of having two version. Those of us adults out there enjoy the bit promiscuous additions in games. I agree with you with the Harvest Moon thing which I’m SO excited for in Rune Factory 4 that there is going to be a sweetheart system now. info on it here:
    Another gripe I had with Harvest Moon was your child. It does absolutely nothing after! Same with your hubby! I mean if he has a job of his own, ya I can understand, if not he does nothing but be eye candy!

  9. I really don’t like the idea of sex being so… a part of the game.

    1) I think of marriage as a very special thing and sex even more so(to only be done to the person you are married to and after getting married). Putting it into a game just seems wrong- more so if you do minigames.

    2) I find it.. disturbing. Call me immature or whatever. I’m 18. I know what sex is and how it’s done. I just find it disturbing and gross in books and video games.

    I also have the thought process that nothing a person creates should be un-kid friendly. I know a lot of people would/will disagree with that.

    I know the reason I think that way is I have three siblings under 8 who have, more than once, stumbled on websites that… are bad.
    It bothers me most here because this game is one that otherwise looks totally kid-friendly.
    I personally do not play games over the rating of T. Even some that ARE rated T I won’t play. If I can’t play it in front of my younger siblings.. I don’t play at all.

    I see no point in locking myself up in my room to play a video game. If I can’t expose my younger siblings to it than I shouldn’t be exposing MYSELF to it.

    • Thank you for your comment, I know many, MANY people who are interested in this game that find sex icky and yucky and wouldn’t touch it within a ten-foot pole.

      Hence why I decided to release two versions if I ever came that far of Tailor Tales.

      One is the censored version, very kid-friendly, no sex whatsoever. You can let your younger siblings play his version with ease.

      And one is the uncensored version with the option to have sex for those more mature.

      If you don’t like sex being part of the game, well, no one is forcing you to play the uncensored version. Options are always nice, no?

      It seems that reading the comments below, everyone seems to like this option of a censored version they could let their younger relatives play, while they themselves would enjoy the option to have sex for themselves. Actually, the more I read these comments, the more I think it seems to be the best way to go. Two versions of the game, and everyone will be pleased.

  10. Well, I’m turning 21 this year so it’s fine by me if you make the life after marriage a bit perverted :P And yeah, I think that if you only make the screen turn black when they have sex is a bit.. yeah, it would get boring after some time xD So I like the idea with the mini-game lol. And those things with… rub his penis xDD I wouldn’t mind that….. It’d be really fun haha

  11. Wonderful simply wonderful. -w- I’m glad you remembered about the more sexual part of the game. Honestly it’s the main part of realism that harvest moon lacked. Babies came out of you but you never had sex (or none was known to the player anyways). Yay realism and creativity!! The two versions are a brilliant idea for those who do prefer censorship or can’t handle the thought of intimacy between two people. keep up the awesome work =). I’m really looking forward to your wonderful game (or should I technically say games) once it’s done <3

  12. I think it’s a great addition to the game! It doesn’t hurt, since you’re going to make two versions anyway. Besides, I have a feeling that I’ll have a LOT of fun with this xP

  13. I think it’s a really good idea to have two different versions of the game. I like the idea of a min-game to keep things interesting even after your married which is the problem for most harvest moon games.

  14. It’s a great idea to make a seperate game that’s child friendly, because then I could leave my younger cousins to play it without having their innocence ripped from them, and I would be playing the M rated game in my room with my door locked. The “mini-game” would certainly keep you hooked to the game if you really want to make love with your spouse badly, I’ve always wished they had something like that in Harvest Moon rather than just suddenly being pregnant in a few months/days. I will surely download your game once its finished! I’ll be looking forward to it!

  15. I think that since you are making two games that they should be a little more different then just not having sex. I have no problem with the mini-games, or how far you want to go with it. I know that sex is part of any relationship. People who are uneasy with the idea of this should realize that this is just a game, unless there too young. Anyways since I grow up in a house where sex was easily talk about and the fact that I’m 21 I don’t mind how far you want to go, I think it will be fun. Plus if people don’t like it they can always play the other versions.

  16. Hmm… I think the two games is a good idea. When I was younger, I couldn’t play a lot of games because of the ratings. I was begging the creators to make a child-friendly version. This is a great idea, and it will open the game to a broader audience.
    A sex mini-game will hopefully freshen everything up after marriage, because usually on Harvest Moon, I get married, get pregnant, have a baby, and when the baby gets to maybe, toddler age, I immediately quit playing.

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