Livestream again!

Come join me in my livestream and watch as I’ll attempt to make at least two maps before I burn out :D

Just click this link and say hello!

Edit: Livestream over! I have created the bakery in this livestream.

Thanks for watching guys. I know I said I’d make two maps, but I had to finish up some work projects. I will hopefully be doing the next map tomorrow, so stay tuned until then.

6 thoughts on “Livestream again!

  1. its MINE! :D oh hi, its me, schnecki! when u make the other map, are u gonna start a livestream again :D?

  2. I don’t understand?
    When you made the Bakery house from scratch/photoshop
    So how did you add/make it a usual house in RPGVX?

    • Weren’t you watching as well when I put the map into VX? O_o

      Anyways, the map I made gets saved as a PNG. That image will be put in the parallaxes folder of VX. You can then right click on a map, select properties, and choose a parallax background (which is the map you made in Photoshop).

      Then all you need to do is make a second layer, which are things that overlap the player (such as a tree). Save this image with a transparent background, and then use a show image command inside of an event when you enter the map, to complete the ‘parallax map’ :)

      I recommend reading tutorials though.

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