More maps & music

I went ahead and finished the general store, as well as the diner (I’m trying to finish District 4, since District 3 is done). So here are the screenshots!

Diner (empty without guests/food)

General store (also rather empty without items to buy)

So let’s see, I have finished these interior maps:
District 3: entirely done (2 maps)
Wyde forest: entirely done (4 maps)
District 4: diner and general store (4 maps left)
District 1: none (4 maps left)
District 2: none (2 maps left)

So that means I have finished 8 interior maps, and 10 left go to. It’s starting to look like a real place to live in now!

In other news, I’ve decided to commission someone to compose songs for me, because it’s awfully bland when posting videos and I still don’t have music. I knew I needed it sooner than later, so I decided on sooner. I hope I’ll get some good quality music out of this, reminiscent of Harvest Moon.

Help me pitch in for the music by donating a dollar or two! Just click on the PayPal button on the right to help me out, every dollar counts!

In my previous post I discussed the two versions of Tailor Tales (censored and uncensored). I got mostly positive feedback by having two versions, it seems to please almost everyone, and I think I’m gonna do that indeed. As for how far I’ll go with a sex mini game … well, I’ll think about it when I get there! Haha.

3 thoughts on “More maps & music

  1. Your maps are really good! I’ve seen a lot of these games with really complex maps which look very nice, but a simpler one is more realistic, in my opinion.

    I also really like your sprite style. Might I ask from where you got them?

    Keep up the superb work and all the best,

    • I do like simplicity!

      As for my ‘sprite style’, I don’t know if you’re talking about my tiles, or the character sprites (the tiles aren’t sprites). Anyways, they’re both mine, with the sprites being made by me on an edited base made by a user called Emmych.

      My tiles can be found over at, or you can even google ‘celianna’s tiles’ and find them.

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