Looking for a composer

I finally managed to get another composer, and he bailed out on me after not even working on anything. Bleh, I have the worst luck when it comes to composers.

So hey, if you know anyone who can compose happy music, just direct them towards me! I am willing to pay, don’t have a big budget though. Even so, there’s only 10 songs I want anyway.

Also a big thank you for the person who donated to me, the money will be used to commission music … if I can ever find a composer that is!

Since I couldn’t work on a second map yesterday, I will be doing so today, so come watch the livestream at: http://www.livestream.com/celianna

I’ll be making the town hall today! :)

Edit: livestream is over! Thanks for watching everyone! Here’s the map that I completed:

After the map was finished, we all went into a little beta playing. If you want to try out your hand at beta-ing the tailoring system (since that’s the only thing that’s done), you can download the project here:

For people who own VX (without RTP):

For people who do not own VX (With RTP):

You start out with all the materials you need, and simply start making some yarn, cloth and clothes. If you run out of stamina, just go to bed to sleep and recover it. Press the A button on your keyboard to open up the menu. Use the Z\spacebar\Enter key on your keyboard to interact with objects.

If you find any weird bugs, please do tell me!

I also realize that some people can lag in the forest and beach map, that issue has now been fixed but you’ll still download the buggy version, sorry about that.

6 thoughts on “Looking for a composer

  1. I just downloaded the beta, and have to say I’m really impressed with all your work. The maps are lovely and well put together, and the system seems, so far, to work flawlessly. I hate to make suggestions, because I feel like I’m annoying you, but I just wanted to let you know that, while playing, I had a little trouble seeing what option I was selecting. I did, after a while, notice a “halo” on selected options, but its difficult to see.

  2. I played a little of the beta and it was pretty fun. A little concern was that if I had accidently clicked on the wrong tailoring I wanted to do I had no option to go back? I wanted to select pants but I selected dress and I couldn’t go back. And I had to make a dress to finally do it over and carefully pick out pants haha.

    Great play though. I think, but I’m not sure about Bill’s house. Behind his desk- when you move over to your right you may disappear in that darkness until you go back by walking to your left again.

    One more note was when I was mining, finding the power berry was the first thing I had for a few days. Its pretty good but I’m not sure it was supposed to pop up often though haha.

    It was great, other than the above its no complaints.

    • Hi Kay, thanks for testing it out for me! The passability error in Bill’s house, I didn’t even notice, so thanks for catching that, it’s been fixed now.

      As for the tailoring system, you can cancel out of any menu (it doesn’t return you to the previous menu though), by pressing the X button on your keyboard, so you don’t have to be forced to make something if you selected something by accident. The only time you can’t cancel is when you’re in the middle of inputting a number (for example, how many yarn you want to make), but if you just leave it at 0, you’ll effectively exit the menu without making anything.

      The powerheart was indeed a rare item, I have since now changed the rates for getting it, which is much harder. Though I’m beginning to think I should make it really, really rare haha.

  3. Hey Celianna!
    I only got to play for a little bit, but I did notice some things.

    Upstairs at the Carpentry, there is a lamp on the top left-hand side near a bed. You can walk through this tile. I’m not sure if this was on purpose, but you can’t walk through a potted plant right next to it so I just thought I’d bring it up.

    I also dug up an emerald on my first trip to the dig site. Who knows, I could just be extremely lucky, but you said it was something to note if it happened :)

    Anyway that’s all for now! But I’m going to keep playing and let you know if anything else comes up…

    • Thanks! I fixed the lamp error, you weren’t supposed to walk on it indeed.

      As for the emerald popping up, I have changed the percentages again, and this time it should be 10 times more rare. An emerald and ruby both had a 1% chance of getting dug up, it is now 0.1% :)

      Since rain seemed to fall way too much during spring (it was a 20% chance), I have toned it down as well.

      Thanks for beta-in!

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