Quick question

Here’s a quick question, since I haven’t gotten to that part yet so right now it’s easy to implant.

Should time stop (NPC’s stop moving, time freezes etc) when you talk to a NPC, ala Harvest Moon? Or should time continue to go? Which means if you talk to a NPC, other NPCs are still walking around, time still goes on etc.

I’m asking this now, because I really don’t know, and if people want time to stop (a convenient little pause menu), right now is the time to do so, because if I’m already later in the game, it would be impossible to make.

2 thoughts on “Quick question

  1. I agree with Loz, but it looks like the majority is leaning towards “yes”?
    Personally, I’d rather have time keep flowing, because it gives the game a more life-like feeling, like it’s not just a game and the player’s actions affect the game. I.e. talking for a long time with one bachelor compared to another naturally reflects your reaction to comparitively both of them. Especially with the more mature additions to the game, it would feel awkward to me if I had realistic choices/actions, but time stopped in the middle of a conversation.

    Still, don’t wanna make too much work for Celianna. Hmm…

  2. This may just be me, but I really think time should continue flowing during conversation. I don’t know… it just gives that sense of continuity and realistic flow of time. To me, having time stop just hurts that feeling of actually being in the game and that feeling is really one of the aspects I love the most in Harvest Moon.

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