Livestream once more!

Hey guys, I’m gonna start making Calvin and Roy’s house, so join me on livestream!

Celianna’s Livestream

And on a brief note, I might have found someone who’s willing to make me some music. Though he’s busy with other project and will make them quite slowly, he’s really good at making music and his style fits Tailor Tales to the tee.

Edit: Livestream is over. Thanks for watching guys! Here’s the map:

Click for bigger image.

Calvin and Roy’s house is very modern looking (despite looking like a farm house on the outside), they also like to play games, and Calvin likes to read books.

2 thoughts on “Livestream once more!

  1. Hi Celianna!! I would like to know if there’re any chance that you could record your livestreams?. It would be great, because I find it very difficult to see the live recordings because of the hours.
    Thanks!! ^^

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