The dresses

I can’t believe it myself, but I got into a spriting mood. I know, bizarre. Anyways, I wanted to make a few of the dresses you can wear, so here’s a Joselina’s regular ‘Summer dress’, as well as the woolen dress, cotton dress and a blue cotton dress (this is like my favourite, so I had to make it :D). There are a total of 11 dresses you can wear (not counting the starter outfit or the special occasions dresses).

The hat is part of the summer dress, and only belongs to Joselina. Abigail has a different starter outfit (the ‘Babydoll dress’), and can only be worn by choosing her instead. The only clothing you can wear would be the dresses, because it’s way too much work to make everything else, the dresses are enough @_@ both of the characters can wear all dresses that you make yourself, only the starter outfits are special.

Oh right, might as well mention it on here because someone asked during the livestream if you could see the other girl in town if you chose either Joselina or Abigail. I thought that was a great idea, like a cameo, so if you choose Joselina, Abigail will be seen at the weekly market selling you the special cloths and dyes. Vice versa of course if you choose Abigail.

The other main difference in choosing between either of them, aside from looks, will be the bonus points you’ll get at the start of specific bachelors. Choose Joselina and you’ll get starter bonus points with both Bill and James. Choose Abigail, and you’ll get starter bonus points with Calvin and Roy. This is a one-time thing only, so it doesn’t impact the gameplay that much aside from getting a head start with certain bachelors. Regardless if you choose Joselina or Abigail, the fox won’t be getting any bonus points.

3 thoughts on “The dresses

  1. I could never do what your doing your so dedicated and ambitious and determined and everything that i’m not because I’m so lazy / quit everything but you really inspire me and I can’t wait to play this game. Sorry that that was just one giant run on sentence

  2. Very cute dresses and nice, clean pixel work. I’m really looking forward to this game’s completion. :3

  3. Oh my god, those are incredible! I can only sprite RTP for some reason… Joselina’s summer dress is so cute, I will definetly choose her!

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