Abigail & Bill sprites

Man, I’m on fire, I’ve been spriting for once! Except of course, now I’m totally burned out after finishing Abigail’s and Bill’s sprite, as well as making 7 more dresses (I’ve got 3 left to do until they’re all complete). Now that was a lot of spriting.

So here is Abigail and Bill’s complete spriteset.

Hmm, they look kinda cute together. Blonde and red.

5 thoughts on “Abigail & Bill sprites

  1. I’m definitely going to play as Abigail when this is finished :) I don’t know who to marry though… The fox for sure my first run, (I want to see what he looks like in human form!) but I can’t choose between the other4.. I’ll have to play through and see their personalities I guess :3

    These sprites are amazing! Keep up the good work!

  2. I like so much the sprite of abigail, but his portrait have something that looks strange, but I don’t know what is :S, I liked much better the portrait of the first version of Tailor Tales. Keep it up! :D

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