Upcoming Beta 0.8.5

I’ve decided to release beta versions out every once in a while, particularly if I’ve done something that needs testing, and/or feedback.

I’d like to thank everyone who gave me feedback and pointed out a few bugs in the previous beta (0.8). So far the common complaints were:

1. Lag in the forest and beach map
2. The chances of digging up a ruby/emerald/powerheart were far too high
3. It rained too often
4. It’s hard to tell when something is selected in the tailoring menus
5. No smooth map transfer, you have to get off of the event for it to transfer you again after you just entered the map
6. Various errors in passage settings (such as being able to walk over a lamp)

Here are my responses:

1. Lag in the forest and beach map were caused by a sound effect that would get louder the nearer you got to the source (i.e. waterfall/beach waves). This caused some people to lag horribly in the map. I’ve since removed the script that does this, and replaced it with a general looping sound effect that doesn’t get louder if you get closer. If this still continues to lag some people, I will add an option to turn nature sounds off.

2. 1% seemed to be a number people got quite often, most of the times within their first few tries! So I lowered it down to 0.1% for now, but I think I’ll probably go lower if in the next beta people are still digging them up easily.

3. Spring had a 20% of rain, which seemed to happen fairly often. I’ve dropped it down to 10% which seemed reasonable enough. I have also included the TV telling you the forecast of tomorrow’s weather so you know what to expect the next day.

4. On my screen it looked fairly distinguishable, but I understand not all monitors are the same, nor is it really all that clear to begin with. I will fix this in the next release!

5. This is something I merely haven’t worked on yet, but will be there in the next release. The ‘error’ is just the way the engine works and you have to do some smart eventing to overcome it.

6. All the ones that have been mentioned will be fixed in the next beta.

The next beta will include all the above fixes, as well as:

– An intro screen (new game, save, load etc.)
– A main menu (inventory, map, save game etc.)
– Closet system (be able to change your clothes)
– A few BGMs that have been finished by my compsers

While I haven’t finished enough for the next beta to come out yet, at least I’m announcing there will be a next one! I really appreciate people giving me feedback, because it’s very important that players give me feedback, since I’m the developer and it’s hard to test the game through the eyes of a player when you’re the one making it. Thanks a lot guys!

8 thoughts on “Upcoming Beta 0.8.5

  1. Wow! I haven’t checked Tailor Tales for a long time and now I come back to see this whole new style! It looks absolutely amazing! =D Great improvement!

  2. Yess!!! I’m so excited for this new Beta!
    That’s awesome to hear, by the way, about your composers. I’m glad that you found some that will stay faithful!

    Question though: For this new beta, will you be able to play as Abigail? Or still just Joselina with her new sprite? I’m cool either way, I’m just curious. :)
    Also, is there an approximate time for the beta release? I’m just so excited to test this one too!

    • While I haven’t done this for real yet (it’ll be part of the intro scene), I’ll make a quick scene in which beta testers can choose the player, since I have finished Abigail’s sprite. It’s only for beta testing purposes though.

      As for the next release date. Hmm. Let’s see, I need to complete the closet system, which is about 60% done at the moment. Then there’s both menus which I need to do which are both at 0%, so that’ll take at least a week. And the smooth transfers, which I’m working on right now and shouldn’t take too long.

      So I guess between a week or two :)

      • Okay, that’s cool. I want to test both protagonists to see which one I’d rather play as in game. ^^’

        A week or two? Awesome! I can’t wait!

        Thanks for your reply by the way :)

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