Update on Calvin and Roy’s house

While I made the map during a livestream, something about it just bothered me, so I removed the floor and gave it a new one, changed around some colour and fixed any passability errors, so here’s the final look of Calvin and Roy’s house.

Click for bigger image

On another note, my photobucket Pro is going to expire this week, so ugh, I’ll probably have to deal with bandwidth issues >_<

I’ve been rather busy these past few days, so I haven’t gotten a chance to work on the menu systems, but I did complete smooth transfers, so that’s a plus. The beta will probably be out in two weeks or something.

Music is going pretty well, so far 5 songs have been completed, with two others in the work.

4 thoughts on “Update on Calvin and Roy’s house

  1. Is that a Wii on one side of the tv and a Nintendo 64 on the other side?

    Anyways! Map looks great! So who’s the gamer in the family, Roy or Calvin?

    • It sure is! There’s also a gameboy colour on the table :)

      Roy is the gamer, he likes electronics very much, but both he and Calvin play together.

      • Lol Roy sounds a lot like me… xD I still don’t know who to marry besides the fox… I’m going to wait and see whose personality I like better haha.

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