Titlescreen and a closet

Okay, this went by a little faster than expected. I managed to finish the closet system, while there’s a few graphics missing, it should work about 99% (99% because I’m still gonna add more stuff to it later on).

Then there’s the title screen, or main menu – whatever you want to call it, and it looks like this:

So we can now start a new game and stuff, yay! It’s fully evented, so I’m in complete control. In fact, I might even be able to do a thing like unlocking a secret after beating the game and starting a new file like that. Just an idea though. I might make a tutorial on how to make your own title screen if people are interested, it was surprisingly easy to do. Seriously, within 5 minutes I had it up and running.

All that’s left to do is making the menu in-game, which includes the inventory, options that sort of thing. Shouldn’t be too hard, except I have to display the player’s gold. *grumble* that might be a big hurdle to overcome.

I’m also very excited about the music process, I’ve got about 2 songs left (which are the spring and summer theme respectively) until the full soundtrack is complete. Amazing, isn’t it? Big thanks to Quesadilla and AngelsDen for composing songs for Tailor Tales.

7 thoughts on “Titlescreen and a closet

  1. Oooooh oooh oooh! u know that little intro before hm mfomt grayxclair? That would be an AMAZING intro to tailor tales!!!!!!!!! (u know, in the title screen and stuff) just saying… :)

  2. Never under estimate the power of eventing? I think it would be awesome if you made a tutorial on how to event your own title screen (Unless I read that wrong…) Cant wait for the full game! Or the demo atleast

  3. I think you can set the gold as a variable, and call the variable in the script at whatever coordinates on the menu you need it to be at. I could be totally wrong though. I’m no scripter.

  4. Wow this is coming along great!! I’m so excited … :D

    By the way, I went back and played the old Beta (because I’m so excited for this one XD) and I noticed that when I made a Silk Purple Scarf, there is no description of it when you look at it in the Menu screen. I made a Silk Blue Scarf to see if it had the same problem but it was fine. I’m pretty sure it’s only the purple one that is missing a description. Just something minor I thought I’d point out :P

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