Photobucket Bandwidth

So it’s been a year since I last paid for a Pro account on Photobucket (bastards, 20 dollars for only 1 year and there’s still a file size limit), and today it ran out, hence all the ugly bandwidth expired pictures you see around here.

I’m gonna try some free alternatives, since I’m definitely not returning to Photobucket, and until then, hang on. If you got any free alternatives, with no bandwidth limit, then please do suggest them to me!

As for work on Tailor Tales, I’m waiting for a few scripts to be made for me so that I can make my own menu, and at the moment work has stopped until they finish it for me.

Edit: I guess Imageshack will do for now. If you have a Tailor Tales support bar in your signature, then please use this image to direct link to, instead of the Photobucket one:

7 thoughts on “Photobucket Bandwidth

  1. Ok… Sorry. You weren’t talking about Photoshop, u were talking about PhotoBucket. My bad…

    I don’t have pro, so i wouldnt know. But if u have pro, u can upload bigger photos? thats kinda weird… anyways, why dont u just open a new account for free. Again, forgie me i dont know what i’m talking about :/

  2. Um… I’m not so sure what u were talking about photoshop.. but if ur talikng about the program itself, why don’t you just download the free version instead of buying it.

  3. D= I know this is off topic but are you going to replace your tilesets and stuff of >.>

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