Menu in progress

For some reason, all my images are back up, so that’s a pleasant surprise, but I digress. Been working on the menu since Sky00Valentine was nice enough to make one of the scripts I needed for it, which freezes all of the action on-screen, and only allows 1 event to run. Works like a charm I might add.

So here’s what it looks like at the moment:

The only thing I’m missing is the amount of gold you have on you in the bottom left corner. I need another script for that, which hopefully Omegas7 will make for me, so the beta won’t be out until I have this script. Aside from the gold window, the options Map and Options basically do nothing at the moment, still gotta work on those.

Then there’s a nifty little area that shows you your progress with the bachelors. They all start out at 1 heart, which is shown in the screenshot. The fox won’t have a heart meter, since he’s the extra bachelor.

On the topic of the heart meters, I’ve figured out the way I want the Relationship Points system to work. It’s kind of like The Sims, in which there is a long-time meter, and a current meter. Each bachelor has its own Relationship Points meter, this one can only go up, and decides whether or not he’ll go to the next heart level (there’s 5 heart levels in total). Then each bachelor also has a Daily Relationship Points meter. It will start at 0 each day, but it can up if you talk to him, give him gifts, do an action or witness a heart event etc. Whatever points you gathered up during that time, will be added to his steady RP meter the next day, and the Daily one will be reset to 0.

The Daily meter can also go into negatives, this will impact the bachelor’s mood on you. For example, you chose the wrong answer in a heart event, and this caused him to drop down in Daily RP points, so he’s in the negative state. Negative means the bachelor won’t accept any presents at the moment, and will be curt with you. He’ll be fine the next day when the meter resets to 0 once more.

And that’s basically how it works. Each day you can talk to him, give him a gift, ask a question, or do an action only once. Well, you can do it multiple times if you want, but only the first time will add points to his Daily RP. It is not possible to make his steady RP meter go down (this will screw up the chronological order of the bachelor’s dialogue), so you can’t make a bachelor hate you. Only if his Daily RP is negative, and maybe through some other events.

Anyways, look out for beta 0.8.5. which will be coming this week!

7 thoughts on “Menu in progress

  1. Instead of starting with one heart, I think having zero hearts in the meter might be better? Usually heart meters in games, Japanese otome games for example and most Harvest Moon games like Magical Melody all start with zero affection. Also, wouldn’t it would seem a little strange to have just met one of the bachelors for the first time and already have a heart?
    Other than that, everything looks really well done ;)
    Keep up the good work!

    • I definitely get your point, but since the bachelors DO start out with a heart (black), and they have 5 different heart colours in total, I made them start out with one filled, since it wouldn’t make sense to have 5 empty hearts, when he’s already got a black heart at the beginning.

  2. I like the relationship bar being right there on the page menu page. No navigating lots of menus to check if they like you or not!

  3. An attractive, simple and functional design. Every time you post some new information/art it just increases my anticipation and faith in you producing something special. Lovely.

    And they all have a single heart in the screenshot. What a tease!

  4. Sounds wonderful, and I am loving the look of the menu. I must say that was one of the things I liked about sims when they started to do that with the relationships. Which I am glad your doing the same thing. Definitely looking forward to the beta continue to keep up the good work.

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