Just a small update

I’m still waiting on the script for the gold window, but I don’t think that’s gonna come anytime soon, so the beta I’ll release probably won’t have the gold window working, sadly.

Anyways, I was just giving you guys a heads-up, I’ll be releasing the beta tomorrow on Saturday, and I’ll be on livestream at the same time as well so I can get direct feedback from you guys, and fix bugs that much faster.

Don’t be too excited, there’s not that much different from 0.8, just a few extra systems that need testing.

10 thoughts on “Just a small update

    • That is very strange, since the font *is* included (located in the Fonts folder), but if that fails to display, it should show the font Arial instead.

      Anyways, just go into the folder, copy the Crystal font, and paste it into your WIndows > Fonts folder to install it on your computer.

  1. May I thank you for inspiring me to make a Harvest Moon catoon (Even though I didn’t) and may I thank you for inspiring me to make a Harvest Moon Movie )Even though I didn’t) and finally for inspiring me to make a game (Which I am working on). The game will be like a Sims/Harvest Moon game. More to the Sims side, cause they will age.

    • Celianna said a few like:
      – An intro screen (new game, save, load etc.)
      – A main menu (inventory, map, save game etc.)
      – Closet system (be able to change your clothes)
      – A few BGMs that have been finished by my compsers

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