Beta 0.8.5

And the new beta is out! Download links are below. Please download the one that says With RTP if you do not have RPG Maker VX installed on your computer. Please download the one that says Without RTP if you have VX on your computer.

With RTP (85 MB):

Without RTP (56 MB):

Please download WinRAR if you haven’t already, to extract the files.

Check out the text file that’s included to see the differences between the last beta, what you should test for, and some of the controls.

Please note that if you try to download this, and Mediafire tells you the link is set to private, it means a newer version is already out, and that one is outdated.

I’ll be on livestream in a few minutes so that you can chat with me and give direct feedback. Here’s the link to livestream:

Thanks for joining me at the livestream and giving me direct feedback!

Here’s a couple of things that went wrong in the beta:

– Abigail doesn’t lose stamina when tailoring or digging, nor is she required to have enough stamina to do anything. Fixed

– The save system really doesn’t work well in the menu, especially when you save before exiting! Ahem, don’t attempt to save. Fixed

– When returning to titlescreen and starting a new game, the player will still have all its previous items in the inventory, as well as the same amount of money, and the same amount of power hearts and stamina/energy. Fixed

– Sound effects such as the ocean waves would carry over to the next map. Fixed

Alright, it seems I have fixed all the problems that popped up (excluding that weird glitch someone got where their stamina wasn’t being drained by doing stuff). Next beta, which will take a while, will have all these fixes and more!

31 thoughts on “Beta 0.8.5

    • Well, I usually set them to private once a new version comes out, but now I did it because beta-testing is over and I’ve got all the information needed to fix all bugs and don’t need anyone else to beta that version anymore.

  1. Title Screen:
    everything worked perfectly, tho i did notice when you start a new game that it reproduces an additional sprite of the person you chose.

    Everything worked perfectly fine for me. but when i saved and exited from my house i did notice that it showed the basic frame around the house and the insides of the house but where the black should be it was the background of the title screen.

    Worked very well with the exception of the red polka dot, sparkle and checkered.

    Weather Prediction:
    So far its 100% accurate. tho i did find a flaw to do with the system. when in her house and the other buildings that even if its raining the sun is still shining strongly through the window during the morning, during the day and when its supposed to be night time as well. also the sound of the rain. with the loop it becomes a bit obvious after a while.

    Dig Site: i notices something bazaar one day i picked up the shovel and the next it wasn’t there then the next day after it was. also about the digging. it took me 5-10 days to find something semi valuable looking.

    Other issues:
    its really good but when your in the forest/waterfall area you can hear a transitioning of it going into its loop its very distinct if you listen to the waterfall.

    personally i think it might be a good idea to have a set or work clothes for the dig site. most women wouldnt go there in a dress. also might i also suggest adding a trunk or a storage spot of some kind to store your yarns, threads, cloths, etc.

    -Sorry for all the comments and such lol

    • Oh don’t worry about long comments, I do love hearing feedback, and of course, bug reports.

      1. Simple case of the sprite already existing (the choose your character part is just for the beta), but should be fixed in the next beta.

      2. Hopefully fixed in the next beta.

      3. Yup, nothing changes inside of a building, because the lights are on constantly, so it doesn’t appear to be dark. I’d like to say I did this because Harvest Moon also does it as well, but you can chalk it up to my laziness of not wanting to make a night-time version of each interior map I make.

      I’ll see what I can do about the sound effect though.

      4. Very strange indeed … hmm … can you reproduce this bug? Once you receive the shovel, it shouldn’t appear ever again. Might just be a one-time thing only.

      5. I’ll see what I can do. Other people were lagging with the sound effects, so I had to change some stuff around, and I had to time the looping myself – which is different on other people’s computer (especially if you lag!).

      6. Haha, thanks for the work clothing suggestion, but I’m not sure about that one yet. Yes, I see your point, but on the other hand, it’s still a game.

      As for the storage, unless I find a script that actually works to store things in, there will be no storage chests/trunk/whatever and you’ll have everything in your inventory. This might change in the future though.

  2. is this fighting game series cuz when i download it i saw many characters u know like warriors faries dragons bla blabla and powers i thought it was like harvest moon like u will marry some bachelors and then blablabla

    • Obviously if you’re able to open up the project file and look inside, it means you have VX installed. If you have VX installed, you know that it comes with pre-configured monsters/actors/items etc. I simply didn’t remove these since they don’t get used.

  3. Hi, I played it and it’s looking good! :)

    The summer soundtrack cuts off abruptly at 20:00 and the BGM becomes the night sounds. I’m not sure whether this is deliberate because it sounded very abrupt and sudden to me. In fact, it was a little spooky because my speakers were at the maximum volume and the dog barking spooked me out lol. I would prefer it if the volume of the summer BGM decreases while the volume of the night BGM increases after 20:00.

    There’s one thing I would like to suggest regarding the bed. Maybe it would be a good idea to include another option to “take a nap” to let the character regain part of her stamina/ energy (and to allow time to skip forward by a few hours).

    One question, why is there no snow for winter?

    Another question, how can I make a special thread from scratch?

    • Hi, and thanks for testing!

      At 8 PM, the regular soundtrack stops and the nighttime track starts, which is really just a homage to Harvest Moon. Their songs also abruptly stop at a certain time and start the nature sounds. I might be persuaded to make it fade out though, but you’re the only one who has complained thus far.

      For the bed, yeah I was thinking something like that as well, though it’s either going to be nap you can take, or relax at the lake. Haven’t decided yet.

      There’s no snow for winter (well actually, snow does fall in winter), because I haven’t made any other maps besides spring. Each outside map will change with the season, but since I’m aiming for a spring demo, I won’t bother with the other seasons just yet.

      The special thread cannot be made and has to be bought at the weekly market (not yet implanted), along with all the special fabric.

  4. Hello, Nalmanac again! Sorry, I forgot to include some things in my last post. The Power Hearts are supposed to be rare right? I got one on the second day of mining.
    Other than that, I haven’t found anything else. But, this is really great and a fun gaming experience. I could listen to the title and mine music all day <3. The composers were meant to do Tailor Tales, it just fits so well~
    Also, I really liked the transition during daytime and nighttime, etc. The sounds of the night are really awesome. This was the first beta I got to test, so I'm super excited, and honoured. I totally love this game ^o^

  5. I’m sorry I’ve accidently published my review before I could finish. My apologies.

    Continuing for my last note the bgm will change to the next day but for some reason it happens randomly. (For example I’ve worked at the digsite the next day overnight but I didn’t have the same music problem as before)

    Another note, a storm that came- I went out of the house to walk around though at the beach, white washed over like a fog in the game. I’m sorry if I can’t explain this one very clearly haha.

    Lastly trashcan does work well and the percentage of rain was perfect. Overall good test run. Thank you much for the beta, intriguing to play haha.

  6. Alrighty well this definitely has everything fixed for any passability issues. I’ve explored every place to see any haha.

    Weather system was great. Since I was curious to hear all the season bgms (wonderful music) I looked at the tv to see the correct weather and yes, it did predict correctly for all 61 including that one day for winter.

    Closet system is fine. Everything put on is exactly the outfit that you would pick. Haha amazing work.

    Digsite- nothing rare did not pop in anything straight away. Haha its great. But I must say that the mmusic in the digsite changed to the music you would hear inside a building when you were there to the next day. (Working till 23:50 to 0:00 for the next bgm will change)

  7. The polka dot dress, sparkling dress and the checkered dress all appeared as big dots over the character when worn.

  8. Hi, Cel. You said you needed a composer. I’m your girl. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay me. Consider it a gift. Do you still need that Spring Theme? If you do I’ll start composing it. And I can definitely make happy tunes!
    P.S. I can compose other tunes for you too if you need.

    • Thanks for your offer, but I already managed to snatch two talented composers who have finished almost all of the songs. But I appreciate the offer!

    • Thank you for trying out the beta!

      I release beta versions of the game so that other people can help me test all the things I’ve done so far, you know, technical things. It’s not something you’re supposed to play, but test.

      Since I haven’t even created all of the NPCs, they won’t be in the beta.

      Please download the beta only if you want to help me test it, it’s not meant for an early playthrough of the game or anything. If I release anything that IS playable, it’ll be called a ‘demo’, not a beta.

  9. Hi! It’s me! ChocoMinaChan, I was at your livestream. Aha.. not that you really remembered me, I’m guessing. Anyway, I had an idea for the gems. You mentioned adding gems to the clothing instead of normal rhinestones.. And if I remember correctly, fingers crossed, that you had to make a special dress to undo the Fox’s spell. What if you can not only make clothing with the gems, but it also actually be required? Just an idea, though it does seem to make it a lot more difficult.. Anyway, I had fun at the livestream! Hopefully I can be at future ones and help out with what I can, which is mostly just ideas. Other then that, good luck!!

  10. I found a bug where if you exit game (from Joselina’s house in my test) to title screen, the house stays on the menu until the screen refreshes itself.

  11. Amazing, its great and really fun to make clothes, i think i found a little glitch, is a funny one thought XD, you know the “Polka Dot Dress” well, when you wear it, your sprite look like its wearing a huge red dot XD, so i was wondering that was a joke or a glicth, bug or whatever its call ^^U, well, ifit is i hope i was able to help, and again great job on this game is sooo amazing ^0^, i give it 10/10

    • Thanks for testing! The Polka Dot Dress, along with the Sparkling and Checkered dress are not done yet, I haven’t sprited them yet. So you’ll see a naked sprite with a big dot on them instead, as a placeholder.

      Someone said it was a nice form of censorship, so let’s go with that for now XD

      • Oh i see that explain it, but i thought it was kind of funny, i mean it suppose to be a red polka dot dress and when you try it, well it it’s a Red Dot XD….May be my humor is weird XP

        And you welcome, i love to test all the beta that you release, well that’s if is possible ^^U

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