Icons & Calvin

So I started working on Calvin, as well as a few icons. So here’s Calvin, finished finally:

And here are some of the new icons. It’s a mix of Ying’s icons, VX’s and mine.

As you can see there’s a bunch of food in there, which you can cook of course. I’ll be adding some Dutch food in there as well because … well, because I can, and because I’m sick of seeing riceballs and sushi!

I also fixed all of the problems of the previous beta (most notably the saving system which was an utter failure). Props to Sky00Valentine for helping me out. And I started working on the digsite, which you can now discover holes to go down to and descend down floors. It’ll have a 100 floors, and the lower you go the more valuable stuff you’ll find. Haven’t finished it yet though, and I don’t know if it’s even possible to descend a 100 floors within 24 in-game hours.

13 thoughts on “Icons & Calvin

  1. I read the comments and while I like the idea of time always being on, will you be able to also stop time? Like pressing P to pause incase you have to go to the bathroom or something?

  2. OMG Calvin’s adorable! I just wanna hug him :3. Your icons are so cute! Their perfect!!! I love the shading under the cookies and pies <3

  3. I like that time is always on. I always hated that about Harvest Moon. Kudos to you! Would you consider adding Mexican food to the mix as well (like Enchilada Casserole, tortillas, etc.)?

  4. @Eki Falling down deeper holes sounds like fun. I like it.

    I’m surprised though, Celianna, I thought time would just freeze after entering the mine? I might be a bit reluctant to enter if I thought I could lose in-game hours (which I could have spent chasing gorgeous Calvin up there instead).

    By the way, speaking of time management, the cast in this seems to be admirably large and interesting but I’m just wondering, will I be able to get around and hear most, if not all, of their conversations?

    Also, while I really like befriending the locals and discovering their backstories etc. I hope developing those characters doesn’t come at too much of an expense of the boys’ own development.

    Thanks for all the updates.

    • Nope, time continues on even when inside of a building, or in this case, the cave. It’s a conscious decision on my part. It’s because of two reasons:

      1. In Harvest Moon, time stops when you’re inside, but this doesn’t matter much because you work in the field outside, where time goes on normally. In Tailor Tales, you work in your home, and it would be ridiculously easy AND boring if time stopped while you were working. So time had to be on inside as well.

      2. Second reason is because after you’re done with work for the day, and did your daily chatting routine with the NPCs, there’s not much else to do – besides foraging and digging at the digsite. If time stopped completely in the cave, well then, it would get incredibly boring! Imagine being done with work at 10 am, then you dig at the digsite until you run out of stamina, and it’s still 10 am, with nothing else to do besides go to bed so you can do it all over again.

      As for hearing all of the conversations, I don’t think this will be a problem as well, as I said earlier; there’s not much else to do besides that. You could probably talk to everyone in town for the day and it would barely be 1 PM. Then again, they do say different things depending on their location.

      Bachelors will definitely have more character development than regular NPCs. They have 5 heart levels, whereas NPCs will either have only two or three (haven’t decided yet), and of course, they all have heart events!

      • Ah, thanks very much for all the information.

        Points one and two make complete sense. Yes it’s definitely much more exciting when there is the time pressure. I was just concerned about being able to catch all the action and stories.

        But I’m relieved by everything you said! Besides, I didn’t think of it this way but there’s five guys worth replaying for and so clearly there won’t be any real chance to miss anything.

  5. sadly your photobucket is out. but maybe you can make holes that you can fall down and will take you lower in the mine which would make it possible.

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