Digsite complete!

Okay, so I worked hard again on the digsite (or mine, whatever you want to call it now), and I think everything is good to go. I’ll probably change around some of the values of the stuff you can get, but other than that, it’s pretty much done.

So here’s what’s changed:

– Added 100 floors you can dig. Obviously, the more valuable minerals are lower. Diamonds can only be found on floor 100.
– You can dig up a ladder that will let you go down to the next floor.
– Added random cracks in the floor that will make you fall down, or up! Very much like HM: Magical Melody.
– You can choose to wear overalls which will halve the stamina cost of digging.
– You can dig up energyroots, which will restore some of your stamina and energy.


Overalls are not yet sprited on the characters, but they are fully functional. I can’t believe I went through this much trouble of upgrading the mining mini-game @_@

On the subject of overalls, there are these special kind of clothing you can make in Tailor Tales, which I dub the ‘occasional clothing’, since you have to trigger a certain event to get it. You get the ability to make these after a NPC tells you to make it. For example, become friends with James the carpenter, and he might tell you how to make overalls that you can wear at the digsite. You can also wear a bikini for a beach festival, pajamas to go to bed to or walk around half naked in town, costumes for the annual ball – or your own wedding dress.

The fun part of these occasional clothing is that if you wear them, NPCs will note your clothing/have different dialogue. You can only make them once, and can’t sell them.

8 thoughts on “Digsite complete!

  1. wow AMAZING idea!!!!!! but wat do u mean by half naked? bikinies or something perverted like bras and underware? tehe! keep up the good work! this is gunna be the best online game ever!

  2. Omg the idea of special clothing is fantastic ^^ I absoloutly love the idea of pjs, bikinis, and costumes. Tho I am really looking forward to that ball idea

  3. Haha, “walk around half naked” XD. That’s awesome, Celianna. I’m so excited to see the occasional clothing in action (especially the overalls)~ In my opinion, this addition just boosted the game up 1000 points! GREAT idea, I really love stuff like this where you have to achieve items in a game to progress.

  4. Yeah, the overalls are a great idea. Power to the tailor! And the energy roots will also make the digsite easier to navigate. Love it.

    As I read the last bit about all those other clothes I had an idea. What if you also made a dress (or whatever) specifically for seducing each bachelor? Like as you discover more about Roy, for example, you decide to make something to wear that appeals to him.

    Another idea I meant to mention previously; maybe you could include some reference to how to be eco-friendly by eating whole grain bread/rice etc? (I was inspired by this article http://www.greenlivingtips.com/articles/48/1/White-bread-vs-brown-bread.html and the ones on white vs brown rice and sugar)

      • Thanks very much.

        As to your question, I imagined half naked means in semi transparent summer attire or a swimsuit… which will be fun to see your love interests’ reactions when you hug them in that state.

  5. The overalls are a nice touch. As well as the roots, it looks really good. Glad to see how well its coming along.

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