The weekly market

The weekly market (held on Saturdays) is very important to the player, since that’s the only time they can buy certain items. A lot of these items you’ll have to use for your tailoring, such as cloths, dyes, silk and even clothing patterns so you can actually sew some clothes. It starts from 10:00 till 15:00 and it’ll be there again by next week. Most of the town will come and visit the market as well, though I hope I have enough space!

Anyways, I finally got off my butt and made the actual market, minus the NPCs. It’s probably still got a few bugs (since I will forcefully kick the player out once it is 15:00, and the player can’t enter unless it’s 10:00), but I’ll deal with that another time.

I have also decided to try to complete a map every day, because there’s not that many maps left to do until I’m done (excluding seasonal maps). Once I’ve got the maps out of the way, I can start working on the portrait system, or start adding in some faceless NPCs that will walk around based on a schedule. I might just end up doing both at the same time.

Either way, I’m progressing! No, not enough to tell you when it’s out, or give a time frame for the Spring demo. I’ll tell you when I’ve got the NPC’s schedules done as well as the portraits, then I can give you an estimate.

6 thoughts on “The weekly market

  1. The market idea and faceless npcs reminds me alot of harvest moon grand bazaar o.o. It’s a feature that I definately enjoyed in the game. I just love going to markets and seeing what’s there and which npcs arrive when. It’s a really fantastic feature.
    Amazing work like always ^^. Btw the map looks really cute

  2. Aha ha, I see I just read that bit in the post again. Right, sorry for misunderstanding. All this talk of faceless NPC though, it’s just made me think of the Nopperabou…

    The gypsy lady could turn your favorite bachelor (or you?) into one at some point (insert minor side story plot/excuses (as gypsy lady heart event maybe? Does she even have a heart?!))…

    At any rate, with her eccentricity and humor she will surely be one of the first townsfolk that I’ll be visiting.

  3. Nice map. Exciting news!

    Faceless NPCs, wow that’s yet another thing that really separates this from Harvest Moon. When you say most of the town will be at the market, at first I thought yeah I wonder if you can fit them in…

    Perhaps if there isn’t enough space you could have another screen adjoined to that first one with a couple of extra tents/tables. Or you could split the number of people up so Group A are in the market from 10:00 till 12:30 and then Group B gradually switch. Or everyone just comes in and out at different times.

    I don’t know how any of that would work scripting wise though.

    • Oh, when I said faceless NPCs, I meant that literally. They’ll each represent a regular NPC, but they just won’t have a sprite/face since I haven’t made them.

      Though Harvest Moon IoH and SI both have faceless NPCs, they’re quite fun to talk with.

      Who knows if I have enough space, I might end up leaving some people away, and having them be there next week :)

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