Tailor Tales tileset

I know a lot of people have been looking for the tileset used in Tailor Tales, but guess what – it doesn’t exist!

I basically made everything myself over the years for the RPG Maker VX community, which accumulated into a set so big, I figured I could completely replace my old style in Tailor Tales with these tiles I created. So yes, these tiles are available free of use. Except it’s not a tileset that you can plop into VX, I use a method called ‘parallax mapping’ and thus my tiles are not rearranged into tilesets, but simply organized neatly that I can grab and place onto a map using an image editing software such as Photoshop. I call these tiles ‘parallax tileset’.

Still want the tiles that I use for Tailor Tales? Well, here’s a huge compilation I have of everything I made (well, most of it), just save it to your computer and you can use it to make a parallax map. A small note; there are autotiles hidden in the huge set, I’m sure you can recognize which ones are.

Please also note that plenty of times when making maps for Tailor Tales, I draw directly on the map, and such these don’t get added to the huge compilation I’ve made, so you’ll miss a few things.

So you got these fancy tiles, but have no idea how to make parallax maps, or what it even means? Check out these tutorials:

Parallax Mapping for beginners by SamGreen
Advanced Parallaxing by me
Parallax mapping techniques (a bit outdated) by C-7
Parallax mapping techniques 2 by C-7

Well, I got that out of the way!

As for my ‘map-a-day’, I have finished Oliver’s house. He frequently donates money to charity, and wants to live as eco-friendly as possible and thus looks like he lives in a poor house.

7 thoughts on “Tailor Tales tileset

  1. Dear Celianna,

    I adore this and I would love to rest tailor tales in beta form whenever that might be! Your maps are inspiring and I hope to be able to compile things for my own style later on! Wish me luck with parallax mapping!

  2. When things at work start winding down, I might try my hand at parallax mapping. Do you think Paint.net will be sufficient? It has layers so I figure it will be alright instead of photoshop.

    • Yup, Paint.NET is fine as well, not preferred, but you can use it. I know several people who make parallax maps with Paint.NET, so you’re good to go.

  3. I had a look at C-7’s tutorial years ago when I was thinking of making a game. It’s very good and paralax maps are definitely the way to go. Just had a look at the ridiculous comments on that deviantart page *sigh*, how can anyone be so rude? I’ve really got no idea why anyone would choose to be limited to tilesets when photoshop is so easy and superior.

    You’ve put a fantastic collection of art out, some of it is really lush, particularly the trees and farm and nature tiles. Thanks.

    • Thanks! The reason why the farm & nature, and the trees look really lush is because they’re the latest additions I’ve made to the set. The rest is somewhat older, and the oldest is the christmas package, which was made in during Christmas 2009.

      But yeah, I’ll always have people whine about making their lives easier if I could just make these into actual tilesets.

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