Map-a-day is going smoothly, I have one more map to do until all interior maps are finished, which happens to be the ballroom (also the room in which you get married).

Anyways, I was thinking, should I add a fishing mini-game? Other than digging and making clothes, there aren’t any other mini-games to waste time on, so I thought; how about fishing?

I’ve got two convenient locations for fishing spots (the lake and the beach), so that takes care of itself. However, it won’t be like they do it in Harvest Moon, to simply press the button at the right time, those take little to no effort. I’d make it more advanced, where you’d have to lure the fish in with your fishing rod. The better the lure you have, the higher chance of luring a fish to catch it. This would all take place on a new screen where you can actually see the fish and move your rod in the right position.

Yeah, pretty advanced stuff, which is why I’d rather ask public opinion first before investing time in it.

If you’re voting for a different mini-game, please do tell me in the comments! I do love hearing suggestions, just don’t make it super advanced, or simply way too absurd to put in the game.

On totally unrelated news, I played this visual novel sim-dating game called RE: Alistair, and it was pretty fun! Since most fans of TT are interested in other dating games, try this one out, it’s free and cute.

20 thoughts on “Fishing!

  1. I liked HM’s way of doing fishing, actually. You had a lot of varieties of fish you could catch (especially in later iterations), and they only had a percent chance each season as it was, so simply collecting all of the types or getting enough for recipes was challenging enough as it was. :D

    • Hmm, that’s one way to look at it. Making it like Harvest Moon would be extremely easy to do, in half an hour tops, I’d have it done.

      But I’d prefer it if it were more interactive, even if it would be harder to make. It just seems more fun that way :)

  2. Fishing doesn’t fit Tailor Tales much.. but I don’t oppose it, it goes hand in hand with cooking and mining. However, I think simple “sports” make more sense. For example, the lake freezing over during the winter and you can skate over it. You could switch over to another screen and make it so you can perform tricks.

    I should’ve suggested this earlier, but I think that Joselina and Abigail should have different ability rankings. Like how depending on which girl you are, you get a boost with the bachelors, you also get a boost in each mini-game. For example, Joseline would be better at cooking, and have a lower fail-rate when making dishes. And Abigail would have higher stamina, so she’d be better at mining. Just a few ideas and suggestions.

  3. I would prefer a mini game for cooking (Oh, it appears others would too. Cool.), perhaps clicking on various parts of the dish to do things to it, like cut or kneed, though that may be too similar to Pacthesis’ “Festival Days” free game.

    Puzzles or riddles in the dig site might be fun, perhaps if there are ruins to get past the further you go down and the reward could be valuable treasure/artifacts to be sold or used as a decoration in your house

    • Bah, I misspelled my user name, it should be ‘ChaosMorning,’ the same one I use on other sites. Meh, not too important I guess

      • yeah i spelt my name wrong too! i put it in the email slot instead of the name slot. annoymous is now hmmfomtgal.

  4. I always thought I would have liked fishing more if it had been more interactive!

    As far as cooking goes, perhaps you could have timed actions that decide if your cooking is successful or not. The harder the dish is, the harder the timed actions could be. And by timed actions I mean pressing “Z,X,D,A” with varying amounts of time intervals between them.

    • yeah thats a good idea. there should be a carnival once every summer with pinball machines and rides and arcade machines and the wack a mole game looks like hm mfomt and if u miss 3 ur out or u wack all the moles until the time runs out and you get a prize if u get a certain number of points. plus there should be a crane machine im veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery addicted to thost things and i would LOVE is they were in tailor tales!

      • Yes I think the wack a mole is definitely a winner. It reminds me of Wild Arms although I can’t remember if it was grab a mole and pull it up instead.

        @Hmmfomtgal I like your ideas and I bet they would look great although I’ve no idea how much or how little work they could be. There’s always simple card games like blackjack too.

        There’s a extremely quick and simple game which I can’t find the rules to link to beause I don’t know what it’s called. So here it is;

        The object is to have the higher card than the opponent at the end i.e. Ace equals 1 and is lowest, King is highest.

        (2 players) “A.” (the dealer) deals 1 card each.

        B. has the choice to either say “Swap” and swap his card with A. or say “Stick” and keep it.

        A. then has the choice to discard her card and pick one from the pack or say “Stick” and keep it.

        Then both reveal and whoever has the higher card wins.

        Any simple Dutch games or card games that could be thrown in?

  5. I voted No because I’d rather you invest whatever time you can on the project as it is. Incidentally, I’m not against another mini game (however basic or involving it is) but I just don’t want to have a mini game that could take up too much of your time developing, that’s all. Also I really don’t mind if a mini game is very basic like in Harvest Moon. I realise you want to make Tailor Tales the best you can in any case.

    p.s I loved the promotional image the other day by the way. I hope you didn’t mind my suggestions in the previous posts.

    p.s.s RE: Alistair, which was really great, was how I discovered the wonderful world of VNs – and from a TT banner in someone’s signiture on lemmasoft, the rest is history.

    Have you played True Remembrance? For anyone who hasn’t, this touching story is also available for free here I can’t praise it enough.

    • Sorry for the double post but I had an idea which I think could be easy to implement if you like it.

      An art mini game:

      1. You draw and/or paint and have a few levels of skill you can gain (Novice to Master or lvl 1 – 5 or something).

      2. Each time you practise you get exp. and then level up. When practising you don’t necessarily have to see process or the result, it could be as simple as a message that you did it.

      3. When you level up you “draw/paint” a special picture (it’s just receiving a CG – lvl 5 gets you one of your sweethearts).

      If you want to make it more like a mini game rather than just pressing a button and whipping out a drawing pad for a few seconds (like fishing in HM) here’s some ideas.

      For the process of drawing/painting, one way could be to make it like a picture puzzle like these

      Puzzle Slider

      Memory Test

      In context then it’s a bit like your assembling the picture in Joselina’s mind. They can be timed for a bit more of a challenge. Also it doesn’t even matter if there’s only a couple of different images used in the mini game. They’re surprisingly addictive and fun regardless.

      Well I hope you like the ideas. Thanks for reading.

      • I find it funny you voted no for a fishing game to save time, but have no problem getting me to draw CGs haha.

        Anyways, the fishing game would take maybe 2 days to complete, compared to your suggestions of drawing and getting a CG each time, which would take me days to complete even one CG! TT is not a visual novel, so you won’t be getting any pretty CGs from me ;)

        Though I do like the idea of being able to draw. Not in the way you suggested, that would be a bit hard to implant, but I think I can incorporate it into the gameplay somehow. It would be very small though, not as big of an impact that tailoring, digging or even cooking would have.

        Hmm, I could tie in the drawing with the tailoring process. Designers do sketch out their clothing on paper first. Yeah, that could work, somehow.

        Thanks for the suggestions! Even if I’ll never use any, sometimes they might cause a spark of inspiration :)

      • “I find it funny you voted no for a fishing game to save time, but have no problem getting me to draw CGs… [and] your suggestions of drawing and getting a CG each time,”.

        I don’t think I made myself clear enough. I didn’t have the art idea until after voting. Like I said, “I’m not against another mini game (however basic or involving it is) but I just don’t want to have a mini game that could take up too much of your time developing,” and I didn’t know the fishing game could take so little time such as 2 or 3 days since you said at the top it was “pretty advanced stuff, which is why I’d rather ask public opinion first before investing time in it.” I don’t know any programming so I can only imagine what’s involved by what you say.

        As for the CG thing, I didn’t mean you get a CG *every* time you draw O.o”, just each time you level up – lvl3 or 5 being the limit for example and so there’s really only a few pictures.

        Funnily enough I didn’t think you’d like any of the ideas and I actually thought you’d like the idea of making some CGs since you’re such a prolific and enthusiastic artist! (Yes it’s flattery but it’s also a fact.)

        The main reason I’m mentioning this is I thought you might have got the wrong impression of me; as if I was someone who de-valued your time or didn’t appreciate how generous you are to do any of this at all.

        p.s. Those bachelor stamps are really sweet.

        • Haha, no I guess it’s my fault. I tend to exaggerate on the amount of work I have to do sometimes. Though when I said advanced fishing game, I meant it would be more interactive than just pressing a button at the right time (those take literally 5 minutes to set up), but seeing as how I didn’t plan for adding one, I figured I’d ask general opinion to see if I should invest time in it or not. Seems most like the idea though, so I will be making one in the future!

          Oh, and trust me, I don’t know crap about coding either. RPG Maker VX is made so that those who can’t do any programming can still make their own game. Though I do take it pretty far with ‘eventing’ sometimes, so it might seem like I can do coding, when it’s really just me taking advantage of the program, or knowing when to contact a real scripter ;)

          If you think I’m an enthusiastic artist, then you haven’t heard me ramble about finishing those god-awful sprites or portraits! Ahhh, I can be a huge procrastinator when it comes to such matters, when it’s about eventing, then I’m up for anything. Drawing stuff, not so much. It’s not so much that I dislike drawing, but more like “Yay, I finished a portrait after four long hours! Just 14 more to go ……..” it makes me want to do other stuff haha.

  6. Personally I believe fishing is too harvest moon. Id prefer a cooking mini game where you could use ingredients that you for instance bought at the store or market and you only have a few moments to glance at the recipy of your choise at the start, choose the correct ingredients and stir the ingredients together or chop them depending on the food, choose the proper appliance need to make the dish then cook it for the time specified. Ex: tomatoe sandwich= ingredients; bread, tomatoe, mayo. Chop tomatoes. Appliance; none. Time needed to cook; none.

    Maybe it’s to hard idk just I think a cooking game would be cool since havest moon lacked a good one and I wanted one that was more interactive.

    • Actually, cooking is already in the game, totally forgot to mention that. Though how I’m going to make it is still up for discussion.

      I don’t want a boring ‘click recipe to create dish’ sort of cooking game. I already have tailoring doing that, so yeah.

      Though it would be extremely difficult to make it more interactive, but I”ll think about it.

      I’d also like to point out that a fishing mini-game would compliment the cooking mini-game, since you can catch fish to cook.

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