Interior maps 100% done

Wow, I managed to do it. I completed all interior maps, you can now walk everywhere in the town and enter a new map. Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

So, I’ve got these done, which means I can start on NPCs schedules. Now this is going to be one tough nut to crack. While it’s pretty easy to make NPCs walk away from the map, or enter the map at any given time – what is difficult is setting the NPCs positions when the player enters the map.

You see, I’m gonna have the NPCs disappear if they’re supposed to walk out of the map at 6 PM for example. If you are in the map itself, you’ll see the NPC walk away so it’ll look more realistic. However, if you are not on the map, and you enter the map after 6 PM, the NPC won’t be seen walking away, he’ll already have mysteriously vanished. This is because it is impossible to control events on another map and have them walk in real-time. So I have to stick with this method.

And now that, ladies and gentleman, is one hell of a feat to do.

It wouldn’t be so hard to do if it weren’t for my menu. You see, opening up your menu transports you to a new map (it was impossible to create it otherwise), and exiting it will transport you back to where you left off. This effectively means you’re re-entering the map, and thus resetting the NPC positions. Groooaaann, this is gonna be a pain in the ass to set up.

Guess I’ll just need to use a switch when entering a map, setting the NPC positions according to their schedule, then turn the switch on when it is done, and only turn it off when moving to another map, so that the inventory doesn’t count. Yeah, I think I can do that. I hope.

Beta 0.9 will be released once I have effectively conquered 1 NPC schedule, which will be Bill. Bill is always my test subject, poor guy.

Edit: okay I started working on getting Bill to exit his house at 14:00, and leave the district at 16:00. After about three hours, I got this working. Yet, as I thought, the menu is screwing me over. If you open up the menu while Bill is in the middle of walking out of his house/leaving the district, you will mess up the entire thing and it gets ugly fast.

There’s two options that I can do to fix this:

1. Disbable menu access during any time a NPC is transferring from map to map.
2. Remake the menu so that it does not transfer the player to a different map, and thus the menu needs to be present on all maps (takes a very long time to achieve).

First option is the fastest way, but I don’t want to prevent the player from being able to save when NPCs are moving about.

Option 2 is an assload of work to do. The entire reason why I transfer the player to a new map when the open up their menu, is because it wouldn’t work otherwise (autorun common events do not like me), so the only thing I can do is re-make the menu and then place it on every single map, which is a lot of work.

Remaking the menu however, would cut down on the loading time it takes to open it and close it, by a lot.

I’ll just think about this one for a while and see which option is the best to take.

5 thoughts on “Interior maps 100% done

  1. OPTION 2.
    The more time and work you put into Tailor Tales, the BETTER it gets, every single time <3. It makes me want to wait more and more for something even greater; I could wait forever for this.

    I love when you…er, put emotion into your writing Celianna, don't ever change XD.

    Btw the Bill comment made me laugh XD. Awesome stuff.

  2. Bill looks like the kind of guy to volunteer himself to be a guinea pig.

    Would option 1 only pertain to NPC’s moving on the map you are on? Or are you saying that every NPC everywhere would affect the menu operating? If the first, it might not be too big of a deal.

    Regardless, good luck! :D

  3. “Bill is always my test subject, poor guy.”

    Is it partly because of his unexplainable ranking in the popularity contest? Seriously how can anyone choose Roy and James over him? [/fanboy mode]

    Good luck cracking that nut!

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