Bill the test subject …

… is doing fine!

I managed to work out the kinks I ran into yesterday, I decided to go the long route of remaking the menu, which now opens up instantly on every map. So far I’ve got Bill’s schedule done when he’s inside of his house (when he leaves, opens up the shop, goes to bed etc). Still got a lot more to go before I complete his entire schedule.

NPCs won’t allow you to be inside of their house when they’re not there themselves, unless you become friends with him. For the bachelors this will happen after you get him to 3 hearts. Until then, you’ll just get kicked out of the house when they leave as well.

And here’s a screenshot of Bill working in his cotton field while trying to enter his house when he’s not there:

The only drawback is that the NPCs won’t wander around, they have to stay put on their spot, otherwise a lot of future ideas I have planned won’t work. I can subvert this with a few NPCs, for example if they are only in one spot the entire time in that map, then I can get them to wander around a bit, to add movement and life, but if the NPC is on multiple spots in the same map during different times, that won’t happen. Unfortunately.


So I made these cute little stamps to show support for your favourite bachelor. Since Bill’s my favourite, I’ll be using his! :D

Head over to the Support Page to get your own.

7 thoughts on “Bill the test subject …

  1. Bill is your favorite too!?

    Great, now I’m looking forward to his romantic scenes even more!

    Glad to hear you figured out the map menu fiasco ;)

    • Hell yeah, I’m a sucker for shy guys, I’m also a sucker for red hair. Combine the two and it’ll be my immediate favourite.

      Well, it also might have something to do with the fact Bill was the first bachelor to be created. I’m rather fond of him.

      And he’ll definitely have the cutest romantic heart events :)

    • Depends on the game. ON the 2nd HM for gbc, during the work week, most NPCs were in their houses all day long, not moving.

    • Well, I wonder how they did a lot of things in Harvest Moon, but they’re still two completely different engines.

      Though you’ll be happy to hear that I am trying to give as much movement to the NPCs as possible. It’s just that when they’re inside of their own house they most likely won’t walk around.

      I’m also afraid of trapping the player when the NPC moves around in such a tight spot, that would be a disaster.

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