Bill’s schedule

Well, I’ve got to say things are going very smooth. Ran into a few bugs that I think are now solved, and I’ve only got to work on Bill’s Sunday schedule before his entire week is planned out and working.

To make things easier with tracking NPCs, I’ll be making an image containing their schedule for each of them. Here’s Bill’s:

D. 2 = District 2
D. 3 = District 3
Carp. = Carpentry

Since everything is going so smoothly, I think I’m also gonna start adding James’s schedule as well, and once he’s finished, I’ll be releasing beta 0.9 for some heavy testing! Which hopefully, will be at the end of this week.

Right, I forgot to say I got Sky00Valentine to work on another script for me. This will allow me to put text above NPCs, so that I can create some random dialogue between NPCs. You can read them if you want, and they won’t interrupt you from moving about, or even talking to said NPC. I think these kind of conversations will really add life to the game, and I hope people will stop what they are doing and read them!

8 thoughts on “Bill’s schedule

  1. Two more things I forgot to mention!
    1: Because you want us to test out the beta, will we be able to go everywhere? You said we can’t enter anyone’s house unless they’re there and since only Bill and James are going to be in the beta..?
    2: I’m going to feel like a stalker having all the bachelor’s schedules in-game XD

  2. Kyahh! That’s a wonderful idea, having conversations between NPC’s! I hate how they’re all oblivious of eachother despite certain ties like them being “friends” even in they never talk in HM. Plus, maybe if some of the NPC’s are having an argument, you can help them settle it, give your opinion, etc. It makes the WHOLE game SO much more realistic and interactive! Also, may I ask whether Bill and James will have any dialogue in the upcoming beta? I’m guessing just simple, random dialogue? Keep up the AMAZING work, Cel!

    • Yeah I know, even if they were supposed to be friends in HM, I sure never noticed it!

      In TT there will definitely be people who will mention others. Since Bill and James are sort of friends, they do mention each other every once in a while. They’ll also mention Calvin and Roy in daily conversations, or even some other NPCs.

      And of course, they’ll have dialogue with each other. I’m definitely planning something cute with Calvin and Roy as they try to steal either wood from the carpentry, or cotton from Bill’s field :D

      As for dialogue in the next beta, I’ll mention it when I do, but as of the moment, that won’t happen until I have completed the portrait system, as well as finished each NPC schedule.

      Until then, they’re just useless NPCs that walk around.

      And yes, you can enter any house in the beta, it’s just for testing purposes. Only Bill’s house and the Carpentry will have a closing time, which will be gone if you become friends with them and there will be a quick option in the beta to become friends so you can always visit their house.

      • I can definitely see Calvin and Roy pulling a prank like that! Bill probably wouldn’t worry too much over his.. “fluffy woodles,” but I think James would try to get back at them.. maybe even drag poor Bill into it. That’d be cool, having a series of events like that tied together in the game! Gasp! Prank wars! :D

        And okay to just about everything else X’3

  3. Yeah that sounds like a nifty addition. And the in-game schedule referance is ingenious. What do the different colours represent?

    There is a slight inaccuracy with that particular schedule btw.
    Monday – Sunday*
    * = being given copious hugs by me…

    • Oh the colours are there so it’s easier to pick out when they’re moving to a new map. It looked too green and cluttered otherwise.

      Monday smunday. My week starts with Monday! :D

  4. Wow! You’re really getting into the minute details here. I never would have thought about conversations between the NPC’s. That’s going to be cool.

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