James’s schedule

Been working on James’s schedule and I think his should be done soon, which means I’ll be releasing the beta very soon as well. I’m hoping to release it on Saturday, so stay tuned!

Here’s his schedule:

It’s actually quite exciting to see a NPC walk around when you enter a map. For once it doesn’t feel like a ghost town. At certain parts anyway. Here’s a random screenshot of Bill chilling at the beach:

While the process is going so-so, with a few errors here and there, it’s still going to take a while before I’ve got every NPC walking around town. That will be saved for another beta!

8 thoughts on “James’s schedule

  1. well, age does not matter, does it?
    but you do not have to feel ashamed, i love to be gay.
    everybody accepts it and very mucch people want to get even closer to my, even boys(yes!)
    but maybe it is because i live in the netherlands, maybe they accept it better, thats why i came out on such a young age.
    but you can still contact my, i look for someone too to talk to.
    by the way, i really like youre poem, youre a real poet!
    so: hou van jezelf, wat je geaardheid ook is, je bent mooi zoals jezelf bent, ookal ben je verliefd op een getekend persoon genaamd bill XD xxx mees

    • You’re very kind ;)

      I was trying to say, I’ve spent most of my life ashamed of it – but now I’m okay.
      I had a lot of issues like guilt and supression of my feelings.
      But that is the past.
      I’m alright now.

      And no, I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I didn’t write the poem. It is just a collection of phrases I copied from somewhere (though the sentiment is mine).

      There’s only one real poet here: you. What you said is beautiful and deep. Thanks.

      • o, thank you, youre very kind too, but do you know what youre poem meant because there just some put-together prhases i could translate it if you want?
        and, well no im not really a poet, but more like a drawer, i draw a bit the same way as celianna who made this blog. by the way, why do you post a love reply for bill at a post about james?
        xxx mees

  2. Bill,

    Jouw hart is van mij,

    Ik zou de zoute traan willen zijn die op je mooie gezicht zit,

    Geboren in je ogen, gevallen op je huid en stervend op je lippen,

    Ik wil alleen de kalmte zijn die jouw rusteloosheid koestert, de hand zijn die is gegeven zonder te vragen of het ervoor te willen.

    Laten we wild, gepassioneerd vrijen op het strand van de schemering tot de dageraad!

    p.s. Wel, spoedig zul je altijd van mij zijn ;)

      • I wish. I have dreadful afflictions – being English and monolingual. I cobbled these lines together from a nice Dutch language learning website.

        Thanks anyway! I compiled it with love. After all, Bill IS the boyfriend I’ve longed for :(

        • me too but i rather have a nice brunette with green eyes, i love that!
          ps are you a boy, i think so cause youre name is tom so i supose youre gay
          im am a thirteen year old boy and im gay too so if you want to talk to someone you can always talk to me

          • That’s sweet of you to say. I hope you don’t feel ashamed, like I did at your age. Actually I’m 23 and bisexual but it was only a couple of years ago that I finally got over my own shame about it.

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